Wood Shutters & Screen Doors For Your Log Cabin

Log cabin construction is in a growth spurt from rustic to modern styles. Two features that are making a comeback in cabins are wood shutters and screen doors. They look natural on these dwellings and can be stained in a wide range of colors.

Log siding, full-log, and timber frame cabins are all the rage in these rustic houses. Of the three types of construction, log siding is the most economical and provides the full-log look. Shutters and screen doors serve practical purposes as well as aesthetic.

Exterior Log Cabin Shutters

Wood shutters can be mounted with hinges to the cabin walls on the outside or inside of windows. They add architectural interest and dimension to your cabin’s exterior. You should consider these benefits and ideas before purchasing and installing outside shutters:


  • Placement & size of exterior shutters
  • Design: flat, board & batten, raised panel, or louvered
  • Stain color and/or clear coat finish
  • Price of shutters and hinges


Real wood shutters provide a classic look to an elegant addition to your cabin. They look especially great with a traditional exterior material like logs. Wood has the advantage over vinyl of letting you trim them down or shape them for unique window dimensions. They will need staining and sealing just like your log walls and trims for appearance and durability.


Interior Log Cabin Shutters

Interior shutters have the advantage of letting you be in control without going outside to open,  close, modify, or repair them. When buying interior shutters, consider elements such as:


  • Material: Wood, vinyl, or composite
  • Design, size, and color
  • Placement and size of shutters
  • Maintenance needs
  • Louver size and spacing
  • Adding a motor to open and close
  • Hardware options


Plantation shutters are a popular choice today and come in a wide variety of options. To sustain the natural look and going green, pine shutters are the ideal choice for interior and exterior shutters. They are sustainable products that can be recycled.

“Two features that are making a comeback in cabins are wood shutters and screen doors. They look natural on these dwellings and can be stained in a wide range of colors.”


Wood Log Cabin Screen Doors 

There are seasons of the year and climates where screen doors come in handy. Wood doors with sturdy screen wire provide a traditional look and practical benefits. You can make the doors yourself, buy standard sizes, or purchase customized screen doors. They are good for the front, rear, or enclosed porch doors with these benefits.


  • Ventilate parts of the house by opening the solid doors
  • Let fresh air flow without mosquitoes or bugs coming in
  • See more of the outdoors and smell the flowers
  • Screen doors let more light into the cabin
  • Run fans or air conditioners less to save energy costs


Wood screen doors can also protect the main entry doors from damage and increase your cabin’s value. Stain them to match or contrast with your log walls and you have a winner!

Log Cabin Trim And Shutters

Constructing a log cabin with pine log siding needs corner logs and log trims installed before the siding is installed. Once all are in place, you need to determine the length, width, and placement of the shutters.  You have the options of making them the same length as the windows, longer, or shorter. The widths can vary depending on whether the shutters will be fixed to the walls or hinged to open and close. Here are some good tips for mounting traditional non-closing shutters.

Hold the shutters at different distances from the log trims to determine what looks best.  Although one-quarter inch away is the general distance, you can choose your own spacing.Now that you have selected your shutters, you should select the stain/sealant color and apply it before installing the shutters. Select screws that will withstand tarnishing and are long enough to mount the shutters firmly.

Interior Wood Doors

We’ve discussed wood screen doors so far. What about pine wood interior doors for your bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. They are available in standard sizes and styles as well as custom sizes and styles, and they look beautiful. These doors look great with both wood walls and drywall and the favorite styles include:


  • Doors with different panels
  • Carved panel doors
  • Barnwood texture flat panel doors
  • Hand-painted wildlife panel doors


These gorgeous doors are 1 3/8” thick made of solid U.S.A. wood and have no finger joints or hollow panels. They are high-quality premium doors that are available in unfinished and pre-finished conditions. Match them with your color choice of hinges and knobs and enjoy special doors for your cabin.

Rustic and appealing shutters and doors add to the curb appeal, market value, and enjoyment of living in a log cabin.

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