Interior Knotty Pine Door

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Knotty Pine or Cedar Doors
Each door is custom made per your order with a 4-6 week lead time before shipping. Carved doors, add 2-3 weeks.

All doors are 1-3/8" thick made of solid U.S.A. wood, no finger joints or hollow panels. These are high quality premium doors like no other! These are finished sized doors. Please allow for rough opening width and height when ordering.

We offer clear coat pre-finish on all 6 sides of your doors in satin finish. Add 2-3 weeks for pre-finishing.
Raw doors (that are not pre-finished) will need to be sealed and finished on all 6 sides within two weeks of delivery receipt.

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Call 800-818-9971 for custom door sizes, custom quotes or any questions.

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Our interior doors
are made of solid wood, 1 3/8" thick, and available with knock down pre-hung jambs complete with hinges. All are the standard 6' 8" height and pre-bored for door hardware. These hand crafted doors are available in standard sizes or custom made to your specified sizes.

Available in unfinished raw wood or pre-finished clear satin coat on all 6 sides of the door.

Enjoy the natural beauty of our Custom Knotty Pine & Cedar Doors

Looks great with wood and drywall!

2 Panel Raised           2 Flat Panel Cedar   3 Flat Panel Mission
Insert  w/Grooves          w/Arch Top   

    4 Panel Raised     4 Flat Panel Mission  4 Panel Raised Mission

      Flat Panel K            Raised Panel K         5 Panel Raised

   6 Panel Raised           2 Panel Raised        2 Panel Raised
                                                w/2 panels carved  
                                  Regular carved door has one carved panel

Barnwood Texture      Barnwood Texture
Flat Panel K w/Stain  Flat Panel K w/Stain
  Chestnut Stain          WeatheredGray

Bear Carving11 Deer Carving1 Moose Carving Elk Carving
Bear                      Jumping             Bull Moose            Elk
                        Whitetail Deer
Click on each carving for a better detailed look!

Deer Carving3 Trout Fisherman Deer Carving2 Deer Carving4
Whitetail Deer  Trout Fisherman   Whitetail Deer  Whitetail Deer
                                                             Running             Pines

Have a Critter in Mind? Give us a call!

We also offer hand painted door panels to insert into a door!
Check a few of these out here: The Woodworkers Shoppe

Color Natural Pine
Shipping Details

Each door order -  is shipped by Fed-Ex Freightways and takes roughly 4-6 weeks to be manufactured to your specifications, packaged & then shipped. You will be provided with a tracking number at shipment so that you can get an idea of when your shipment will be arriving.

Freight Shipments are by small enclosed semi-trucks, most residential deliveries will be to the end of your driveway at roadside. If your street/driveway is winding through the woods, not snow plowed or is inaccessible for the freight truck, your delivery might be to the nearest point of access. You can also set up off-loading with a local lumber yard in some cases or pick-up your order at the Fed-Ex Terminal. You must note this on your order.

You must be able to off-load the doors in a timely manner and would require that you have adequate/able bodies on-hand (2) to hand unload if a fork lift was not available at your delivery location. The drivers have many other destinations, so your cooperation is very helpful. The delivery service will also call to help set up a delivery time.
These doors weigh in the neigborhood of 75 lbs. each with jamb. If you ordered more than 3 or 4 doors you should consider having additional help or have delivered as suggested above at a local lumberyard or delivered to the Fed-Ex Terminal.

Each driver is aware of the packages and the condition of each as you off-load. In the unlikely event that you notice any apparent damage, have the damages noted on the delivery receipt before the driver ever leaves and call The Log Home Shoppe/The Woodworkers Shoppe immediately to have your replacements sent out and to have the claim processed. You must do so within 10 days of receipt of the materials.

Manufacturer The Woodworkers Shoppe
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