Knotty Pine Kitchens Look Super

Knotty pine kitchens not only look great in log homes and cabins, they blend with the décor of other styles of today’s homes. Cabinets, islands, walls, ceilings, and floors can all be created with select knotty pine wood at affordable prices.

Custom knotty pine cabinets are scarce in DIY stores or lumber yards. You can have them made to your specifications to fit your kitchen size and shape by skilled craftsmen. They look gorgeous and are more cost-effective than custom hardwood cabinets and islands. A complete knotty pine kitchen is an area you will use often and be proud to show.

Knotty Pine Kitchen Cabinets Make A Kitchen

The starting point for designing a knotty pine kitchen is the set of upper and lower cabinets. Quality-made cabinets contain these features for good functioning and durability:

  • Made to your specifications and layout
  • Wood is properly kiln-dried for correct moisture content and staining
  • Hand-inspected to be defect-free
  • Available in standard and customized sizes
  • Made with solid wood drawers, doors, and face frames
  • Full ¾” thick birch ply-box construction with 120-pound drawer slides
  • Drawers made with sturdy dovetail joints


The favorite styles of knotty pine cabinets include standard panel, log and panel, and hand-hewn log. Any of them look terrific stained with your favorite kitchen color. They are sturdy, durable, beautiful, and easy to clean. They will withstand a lot of use for generations to admire. Add a suitable countertop and you are in business!

Knotty Pine Kitchen Islands Are Useful

Kitchen islands are both popular and useful in any kitchen layout. They can be created to match the upper and lower cabinets. Build yours with knotty pine paneling walls, doors, and drawers with or without a sink and faucet. They are useful for:


  • Cutting food into sizeable pieces
  • Mixing ingredients in containers
  • Washing food and your hands
  • Mounting a garbage disposal
  • Use as a dining area with stools
  • Storing utensils and food
  • Extra space for two people


Having extra workspace is handy for entertaining family and friends. You will appreciate the convenience of walking around an island to access any part of your kitchen. You can match an island to any of the three favorite styles of cabinets.

“Knotty pine kitchens not only look great in log homes and cabins, they blend with the décor of other styles of today’s homes.”

Walls In Knotty Pine Are Versatile

The traditional use of knotty pine paneling is covering walls in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal layout stained in an assortment of colors including whitewash. Paneling made with the tongue and groove (T&G) end-matching design is fast and easy to install with a nail gun.

Knotty pine paneling is virtually a “no-waste” product because the sawed-off end piece can be used to start the next row. Each piece is tapped into the groove with a wood block and mallet and then secured to the wall framing with a nail gun. You or a painter can stain the paneling before or after installing it or order it in a pre-finished condition. An assortment of trims and moldings are available to complement this versatile wall material.

Knotty Pine Floors Add A Homey Touch

Have you ever walked on a pine floor? If you have, you must have noticed it felt good and a bit softer than a hardwood floor. Pine is an ideal flooring product for a rustic house, cottage, or cabin. But it’s not limited to these style homes because it is a versatile product that can be stained many different colors to reflect the home’s décor. Here’s why it is so popular:


  • Knotty pine flooring is affordable compared to hardwood
  • It is great for new construction or replacement floors
  • It is lightweight and easy to work with
  • The color variations are eye-catching
  • It is easy to clean and maintain


Another advantage of pine flooring is that it is easier to refinish with another color than hardwoods and less costly to do.

Ceilings In Knotty Pine Complete The Area

Knotty pine ceilings are a super option to using painted drywall on ceilings and walls. It is installed on ceilings the same way it is on walls with a nail gun. Pine paneling can be nailed directly to the ceiling joints or placed over existing drywall with some room adjustments.

All the projects discussed in this article can be completed by homeowners with woodworking skills and knowledge, a contractor, or carpenter. The pine products we’ve discussed are available through The Log Home Shoppe and its parent company The WoodWorkers Shoppe.

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