Custom Log Home Exteriors

Many log homes built today are made from standard drawings and plans that some call “cookie-cutter” houses. There may be a few changes in their design, such as a different roofing material or color, other styles of doors or windows, or the color of the logs. Other than that, they are essentially the same style home. If you want something different, go for a custom log home.

What Is A Custom Log Home

A custom log home is a non-standard house built to the plans and specifications of the owner. It is individualized and different from other existing homes because it reflects the owner’s ideas and preferences. The details of the construction vary and can include different:


  • Walls
  • Roofing
  • Porches
  • Entryways
  • Doors & Windows
  • Special Features
  • Stain Colors


Custom log homes are generally higher quality construction than standard-built homes. The owner’s lifestyle, needs, wishes, and how the home will withstand year-round use are taken into consideration. These homes can be built to expand to meet the owners’ changing needs, family size, and circumstances.


Log Home Exterior Walls

Today’s popular log homes are built with log siding, full logs, and timber frames. Of the three, the most economical are those made with log siding because you get the full-log look without the full-log price. The typical choices of wood are red pine, cedar, and other native species with red pine as the most cost-effective. Select from these styles or profiles of log siding:


  • Quarter Log
  • Half Log
  • Premier Log
  • Hand-Hewn
  • Unfinished
  • Pre-Finished


Use all these choices to create a custom exterior and interior look. The log siding is attached to conventional wall framing and stained/sealed with your choice of color. Tongue and groove/end-matching log siding is virtually a “no-waste” product.

Log Home Roofing

The roof structure and roofing material are the components of a custom log home roof. The framing can be made with custom-sized trusses or conventional rafters and a ridge beam. Your contractor will help with these choices and the pitch of the roof for your climate and needs.

Instead of conventional asphalt shingles, you can put down metal, tile, slate, wood, or composite materials. They each have their pros, cons, durability features, and costs. Your contractor can give you valuable advice on making the selection. And don’t forget the many colors available to choose. You can go with a neutral shade or make it a custom color.

Porches Are Wonderful Places To Relax

Porches are great extensions of homes that can bring the outdoors inside. You can customize them for many uses with the following choices:


  • Front Porch
  • Back Porch
  • Open Porch
  • Wrap-Around Porch
  • Enclosed Porch
  • Size, Style, Railings


Design your porch by making it your idea to fit your year-round purposes. It can contrast or complement the style, size, or color of your home. Choose among chairs, couches, tables, grills, fireplaces, and lighting on the porch for entertaining or just enjoying nature.

“If you want something different, go for a custom log home.”

Log Home Exterior Entryways

Entryways are another place you can really fancy up a log home and make it stand out from other homes. Consider adding some of these features:


  • A separate roof supported by peeled log posts
  • A log truss under the roof
  • Stonework to walk on
  • Professional lighting
  • A bench or chair
  • Sharp-looking stain or paint
  • A large rustic door


This is not an all-inclusive list because there are many more possibilities. Get more ideas from this informative article.

Doors And Windows

Other customized features include unique exterior doors and windows. The sizes, styles, colors, and insulation values on the market are plentiful. Here are some examples you may like:


Doors Windows
4-Lite Single and Double Doors Large Sliding Windows
6-Lite Single and Double Doors Double-Hung Windows
4 or 6-Lite Arch Top Doors Window Rows or Walls
9-Lite Single Door Triangular Gable windows
9-Lite Door with Side Lites Large Bay Windows


Special Rustic Stonework Features

Some stonework adds an element of strength and rustic appeal. There are some common places to install professional-looking stonework, such as:


  • As skirting at the ground level
  • Around the front entryway
  • Flower beds and landscaping
  • Chimneys and steps
  • Partial walls
  • Along a walkway
  • Patios and decks


The stone and cement colors can vary to create a unified theme or contrasting areas around the house. You can use natural stonework or some manufactured stone for creating your designs.

Log Home Exterior Stain Colors

Searching for the right exterior log stain color is fun because there are so many to choose from.

Buy the best you can afford and you will never be sorry. They will stay bright longer and need less maintenance than bargain basement brands. The right color logs and trims can look amazing any season of the year.

We hope these log home exterior ideas are helpful in planning your new home or remodeling your current one.

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