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5 Reasons Pine and Cedar Log Siding Are Hot Items

Sales records indicate pine and cedar log siding for cabin and log home construction are increasing. These hot items are more convenient for home builders and homeowners than either full round or square logs. They can be ordered online from the comfort of your home and delivered to any site you choose. There are five reasons cedar and log siding are great sellers for residential and commercial use:

  • They are faster and easier to install than full logs.
  • Siding can be applied directly to conventional framing.
  • Building with log siding is far less dangerous than full logs.
  • Amateur woodworkers with the know-how can install log siding.
  • The cost savings are tremendous compared to full logs.

Knowing these benefits has enticed thousand of homeowners to use pine and cedar log siding. Research has shown that log homes have many advantages over convention home construction.

#1 Constructing a Log Home with Log Siding is Faster and Easier

If you want a log cabin or larger log home built faster, then use log siding to get the job done. The tongue and groove with end-matching system allows easy installation with a nail gun. Since each piece we ship is free of defects such as look knots, crack, or warps you don’t waste time sorting through them. Each piece of siding is essentially a “No-Waste” product that saves hours of measuring and sawing each piece to length. There’s no need to end-butt pieces between studs because the ends fit together well anywhere between studs. Time-consuming chinking is not necessary between the logs. Save a bundle of effort by ordering pre-finished pine or cedar siding that is expertly applied in our finishing shop.

#2 Quarter and Half Log Siding Can Be Applied to Convention Framing

Since exterior and interior log siding is applied directly to conventional framing, there are no full logs to stack or notches to cut to make them fit.  Occasionally when using full logs, you find one or two that are cut too short or too long that requires adjustments. You avoid this issue when using siding because long and short pieces can be used in the same rows. As an example, when you use half log siding you can choose between 3x6, 3x8, and 3x10 sizes. Both the smooth and hand-hewn surfaces are  available. To install, nail to your OSB board or 2x4 or 2x6 wall stud framing and insulate between the exterior and interior siding.

“Each piece of siding is essentially a “No-Waste” product that saves hours of measuring and sawing each piece to length.”

#3 Using Log Siding Is Less Dangerous Than Using Full Logs

You’ve do doubt watched contractors in person or on TV hoisting and placing full logs in place with a crane. This is followed by specially-trained carpenters moving them to specific points and securing them in place. What you don’t see are accidents that occur during construction such as broken fingers and hands, back and neck injuries, and cuts. Why put yourself or the hired crew in harm’s way when it can be avoided. These issues are practically eliminated by using lighter-weight log siding that can be installed by one or two people. Additionally, handling the exterior “D” Trim for doors and windows is lightweight, convenient, easy work and our defect-free siding has no splinters.

#4 Log Siding Can Typically Be Installed By Anyone with Essential Woodworking Skills

Those inclined to be DIYs love working with our log siding, trims, and paneling. The products come to your site ready to install, stain, and finish with a clear coat. Even if you have limited woodworking skills you can watch our installation videos and learn how to do a perfect job. You will need the following basic tools to install the siding, trims, and corners:

  • Measuring tape and pencil to get correct lengths
  • Miter saw and stand to cut pieces to length
  • Rubber mallet and a wood block to tap tongues into grooves
  • Nail gun and nails and hand drill and screws

It’s actually that easy – nail them up and you’re done. These tips on determining the moisture content of your log siding before staining are useful.

#5 Pine and Cedar Log Siding Costs Much Less Than Full Logs

Let’s face it, full logs are very expensive with today’s shortages of building materials. Typical prices for eastern pine 6”x 8” full round logs are $52.00 for 8’ hand-hewn D-logs. Enough logs for 64 lineal feet translates into more than $400.00. By the time you hire a crane operator and crane, you’re talking big bucks to achieve your cabin or home goals. In contrast, pine log siding costs much less per square foot and you eliminate the heavy equipment and long-term maintenance costs. Pine and cedar log siding are truly win-win products for your home or business. Check our prices and you will see they are very fair for log siding, trims, and corner systems.

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    Available in 2 popular sizes.....2x6 & 2x8 in 62.5 sq. ft. packages that make ordering easy. Packages will be combined together if more than one is chosen to consolidate the packaging for delivery.

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