Before And After Log Cabin Makeover

Many people desire a log home but don’t want to move. Do you know you can have your cake and eat it too? Do it by converting your current home into a gorgeous log house with pine log siding and trims. This is a dream come true many people don’t know about.

The log home makeover consists of two approaches. One is removing the current siding material and trims and installing pine log siding in its place. The second is installing the siding on top of the existing material if your situation allows it. You should select the siding desired and show it online to a reputable contractor to see how to approach your home conversion.

Discuss Your Log Cabin Makeover With A Contractor

You want your log cabin conversion to be a success from start to finish. The best approach is making your plans and showing them to three reputable home contractors. All of them will understand the makeover concept because the siding is installed on OSB board that covers conventional wall framing. Here are the major things to include in a building contract:

Parties Involved Owner’s Representative Contract Documents Scope of Work
Payment Schedule Start End Schedule Changes in Work Conflicts
Builder Qualifications Inspections Corrections Protection of Work Indemnification
Insurance Safety Measures Site Clean Up Express Warranty
Contractor Default Laws Regulations Dispute Resolutions Entire Agreement
Modifications Severability Independent Counsel Review  

Since contracts are lengthy and can’t be fully explained here, learn more about their details in this informative article.

Select The Log Cabin Makeover Materials And Order Them

You can order your materials online with confidence from America’s leader in log home products – The Log Home Shoppe. The five major items you will need from us are:

  • Log Siding comes in 3 profiles: quarter log, half log, and premier log. All are available in unfinished, pre-finished, and hand-hewn conditions
  • Log Corners in a variety of styles to meet your preferences
  • Log Trims come in different sizes to match the log siding size and style
  • Log Fasteners are perfect for attached siding, corners, and trim to the wall framing
  • Stains/Sealants come in a variety of colors and compositions to make a beautiful home

“Many people desire a log home … Do it by converting your current home into a gorgeous log house with pine log siding and trims.”

Stay In Your Home During The Conversion Process

One major advantage of converting your home instead of building a new one is living in it while the exterior work is accomplished. The noise is acceptable and the home will still be sealed up to keep dust and the weather out. Whether you remove the existing siding or cover it, your contractor will explain their procedures that should be flexible.

The conversion process is less convenient for the interior work. You will need to cover and move furniture, appliances, and other items to different spots in the rooms to keep them clean and protected. You may need to vacate the home for only a few days as necessary. Your log home will look so terrific you won’t mind the disturbance. Your contractor will help you decide whether to remove the current drywall or other material and replace it with log siding or cover it with pine paneling.

Do Some Of The Work If You Have The Skills

Depending on which conversion route you take, you may be able to save some money by doing some of the work yourself. Of course, you need the woodworking skills and knowledge and an agreement in the building contract. You will also save money by ordering the materials yourself. Either your materials supplier or your contractor will assist with calculating the correct amount of log siding and other products.

See What Other People Think Of Pine Log Siding

Order your log home building materials with confidence by reading what other people have to say about them. Here’s one of our satisfied customers praising our parent company.

The folks at the Woodworkers Shoppe are fantastic, especially Timber. From start to finish of putting the log siding on my 3,100 sq ft house he was with me every step of the way. From the initial estimate to assisting me with any issues along the way, he went above and beyond his job requirements. I’ve already had 2 folks ask me where I got my logs. When I finish the project, I’m going to send them a lessons learned paper for DIY folks so they can share it. Again, I have nothing but praise for the product and the staff at Woodworkers. Extremely satisfied.”Robert from Arkansas

We hope this information will be helpful in your conversion process. Obtaining estimates and asking questions from 3 contractors will help explain the process and its cost. Good Building!

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