3 Gorgeous Paneling Options for Your Log Cabin

Paneling has long been a mainstay in cabins for walls, wainscoting, lofts, bars, ceilings, and kitchen islands. Its popularity has transcended to rooms in conventional homes, business shops, and offices. Its favorite applications are in cabins that are used for vacations, weekend get-aways, or full-time living.

Three wood options are available to create gorgeous walls, ceilings, and more, including:

  • Knotty Pine
  • Cedar
  • Barnwood

They are available in unfinished and prefinished options from online high-quality suppliers at fair prices. Choose the tongue and groove wood and layout pattern that is right for you and go to work with your paneling!

Why Knotty Pine Paneling Is the Perennial Favorite

Prefinished Cedar PanelingKnotty Pine has long been a favorite paneling for its natural beauty, affordable cost, and sustainability. Knotty pine is nature’s gift to us with its character, rustic knots, color variations, and inviting grain patterns. 

The beautiful amber color pine illustrated here has chamfered edges and a tongue and groove/end-matching design. Pine wood’s attraction includes:

  • A durable wood product
  • Easy to work – drilling, sawing, sanding
  • Easily takes a wide range of stains
  • Looks amazing with a clear coat finish

Knotty pine is the choice for those homeowners who want to ‘go green’ because pine trees are a renewable source of wood for paneling.

Cedar Paneling Is an Exciting Option

A gorgeous option for your walls and ceilings is cedarwood paneling with its rich colors. It costs more than knotty pine but its charm is worth any additional cost. 

Cedar also comes with characteristic knots and mineral streaks that are appealing when finished. Cedar has some benefits in addition to pine that make it an ideal wood, including:

  • More resistant to moisture
  • Ideal for bathroom walls
  • More resistant insects
  • Richer color hues than many woods

You can find high-quality knotty cedar from the same knotty pine supplier. Matching trim and baseboards for all related applications are available.

“Knotty Pine has long been a favorite paneling for its natural beauty, affordable cost, and sustainability. Knotty pine is nature’s gift to us with its character, rustic knots, color variations, and inviting grain patterns.”

Barnwood Paneling Is Trending Now

Barnwood has become a third option for the same applications as knotty pine and knotty cedar. It also has knots, charm, beauty, and is typically stained with a gray hue or Barnwood red. Modern milled Barnwood is made from pine wood that is manufactured to look like old reclaimed and recycled wood without their drawbacks and cost.

Your walls will look like they stepped out of the 1800s with either a smooth or weathered textured surface. This room is created with a combination of Barnwood paneling in a diagonal layout with vertical wainscoting. Trim is applied where the two meet for aesthetic appeal and as chair railing.

Jaw-Dropping Patterns You Will Like

You are not limited to traditional horizontal paneling layouts nor should you be. Three are pictured here including diagonal, vertical, and chevron.

The sky’s the limit and other designs you may like to experiment with are:                                                                     

  • Herringbone
  • Squares
  • Random lengths
  • Random widths
  • Dashboard

You can find even more ways to
layout your paneling from ELLE DECOR. (We don’t recommend painting knotty pine or cedar without referring to the manufacturer’s guidelines.)

Pre-Finished Paneling Is Also Available 

Tongue and Groove PanelingIf you want to finish your paneling project faster and more professionally, order prefinished paneling. Experts apply several levels of smooth clear coat and each board is sanded before the next coat is applied. You end up with a furniture-grade finish that looks amazing!

Another gorgeous option for ceilings is 1”x 6” whitewashed knotty pine with two coats of clear satin sealer. The wood’s character still shows through and the whitewash color brightens up your rooms. Do you like cedar and white pine? These paneling options are also available from our mill.

Don’t Forget the Trim and Baseboards

Your paneling project is not complete without the trim and baseboards. Choose from:

  1. Casing
  2. Baseboard
  3. Inside Corner
  4. Outside Corner
  5. Ceiling Trim
  6. Quarter Round
  7. Cove Molding
  8. Barnwood

All these styles of trim are first-quality, defect-free pine that you will be proud to own for setting off your paneling. Most homeowners apply a clear coat finish or stain/clear coat for a matching or contrasting trim color. Paneling never looked  good as when you treat it with tender loving care.

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