Best Ideas for Purchasing Pine Paneling

Knotty Pine paneling is one of nature’s finest products for home or office use. Its amazing characteristics and flexible layout patterns make it an ideal wall, ceiling, and decking cover. Its options allow for versatile décor and installation, including:

  • Unfinished panels
  • Pre-finished panels
  • 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” widths
  • Assorted lengths
  • Shipped in sq. ft. packages
  • Accepts stains in virtually all colors


Pine paneling is not just for cabins and log homes because its coziness and adaptability work with many styles of houses and businesses. It is also an ideal product for wainscoting in any room topped off with pine chair molding. The ideas that follow show why knotty pine paneling may be the right choice for your needs.

Pine Paneling Quality and Price

The best quality and prices are not typically found at your local big box stores or lumber yards. Their paneling may be rushed through the mill and stored in less-than-ideal conditions in the warehouse and retail stores.

Strive for knotty pine paneling that is created by experienced craftsmen who put their full efforts into each piece, such as:

  • Kiln-drying each piece to the best moisture content for dimensional stability and accepting stains
  • Hand-inspecting each piece for defect-free products
  • Storing wood under ideal conditions before shipping to customers
  • Pre-finishing paneling in a controlled atmosphere for best results


Buying high-quality pine paneling online is the economical way to order it. The prices are also fair compared to the big DIY retailers. TIP: Buy paneling by square-foot packages to get more product for your money compared to buying by linear foot.

Tongue and Groove Versus Plank Paneling

Our tongue and groove (T&G) paneling with the end-matching system is superior to old-style plank or slab paneling. You get these benefits by making this time-saving and quality choice: 

  • Quality milled T&G paneling comes in convenient lengths, not 10’ or 12’ planks.
  • T&G paneling is not nailed from the front and does not show nail heads.
  • This design fits snugly together because the boards are not bowed or warped.
  • T&G end-matching panels can be butted end-to-end anywhere between studs.
  • The tongues are thick enough to provide sturdy jointing.
  • The edges can be chamfered for a special look.


Using tongue and groove pine paneling can save 15% - 20% in labor and is a virtually ‘zero-waste’ product you will enjoy owning. It can be installed with a nail gun by a carpenter or skilled homeowner.


“Knotty Pine paneling is one of nature’s finest products for home or office use. Its amazing characteristics and flexible layout patterns make it an ideal wall, ceiling, and decking cover.”


Buy Pine Paneling by the Square Foot

This little-known money-saver is overlooked by many people. You can save a bundle by purchasing knotty pine paneling in convenient square-foot packages direct from our online store. You get more bang for the buck than with linear-foot packages.

You can use the online siding and paneling estimate calculator for any size home. It is easy to use by following the steps provided. Estimate the cost for each wall and add all of them together for a total cost. (Trims and baseboards are not included.)

Pre-Finished Pine Paneling Is a Time-Saving Option

In a hurry or behind schedule? If you are, you might consider ordering pre-finished pine paneling where it is available. It arrives ready to install with a nail gun – put it up and you are done.

Save time on purchasing all the finishing materials, cleaning up, or hiring a painter. Every piece is finished to perfection in a controlled atmosphere. The quality is higher than most people can achieve on the job site.

Pine Paneling Is Closer Than You Think

Don’t spend your spare time going from store to store looking for the best deals. Find the highest quality knotty pine paneling at fair prices from The Log Home Shoppe. Finding our products online is fast and easy. Customer service is just a call or clicks away. Our paneling professionals have the experience to help you find what you need.

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