Pros of Using Tongue and Groove/End-Matching Pine Flooring

Pine is a traditional flooring material for good reason. Knotty pine flooring is a great fit for many styles of homes, and its affordable price makes it even more attractive. Its homey appearance and sustainability add to its charm and desirability.

The tongue and groove (T&G) end-matching design makes for faster, easier, and more secure flooring installation. Pine wood is a bit more pliable than hardwoods which makes it easier to tap into place. Since the tongues and grooves are present at the end of each piece, they snap snugly together.

A few other pros of knotty pine T&G flooring include its stability, beauty, affordability, and sustainability. Pine floors that are more than a hundred years old are still in use today in old log homes. This speaks to this material’s stability and durability.

Pine Flooring Advantage #1: Tongue and Groove Design 

The nature of a tongue and groove end-matching design makes a superb combination for high-traffic pine flooring use. Once properly secured to the subfloor with a nail gun, you do not need to worry about it coming loose or bucking up on the ends.

Each tongue and groove is precisely cut to the same specifications on each piece. This consistent construction ensures a snug and flat surface. Each piece is milled to ¾” thick so the entire floor surface is even without any planks sitting higher than others. (This assumes the subfloor is put down correctly.) You cannot do any better than this with any flooring product.

Pine Flooring Advantage #2: Stable and Beautiful Wood

Knotty pine flooring is a highly stable and durable wood. Floors made of this wood after hundreds of years are still in use. When taken care of, a pine floor can serve you well for the life of your home or cabin, unlike a temporary covering.

Pine typically has no problems with swelling or shrinking, and this quality adds to its long-term beauty. Knotty pine flooring brings nature into your home or cabin because:

  • Its color is striking
  • The grain is eye-catching
  • Knots add character
  • It can be stained in many colors
  • It can be finished with a clear coat

Add its affordability and sustainability and you have a true winner for any home!


“Pine is a traditional flooring material for good reason. Knotty pine flooring is a great fit for many styles of homes, and its affordable price makes it even more attractive.”


Pine Flooring Advantage #3: Affordability

Knotty pine flooring costs less than hardwoods. It is often half the price of varieties such as oak, maple, mahogany, hickory, or cherry. It can even be priced less than luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that can be designed to mimic real wood. Whether you are on a limited budget or not, you should take advantage of this fine product.

Saving money on flooring allows you to use it for other materials, larger rooms, or even décor. The most cost-efficient way to purchase knotty pine flooring is by square foot, not by linear foot. Our pre-finished wood panels have larger coverage or stack height per board than other suppliers so you get more for each dollar spent.

Pine Flooring Advantage #4: Sustainability

Knotty pine flooring is environmentally sustainable. Pine grows faster than hardwoods that are also used for floorings, such as oak or maple. Most flooring dealers use pine that comes from trees grown on federal tree farms. It is better suited for environmentally-friendly forestry practices. Using this wood type means you are leaving trees for future generations to use.

Unfortunately, most if not all hardwood trees are not replanted when an area is logged. This means they are slowly disappearing and their prices continue to rise.  Hardwoods may have their advantages but sustainability and lower cost are not two of them.

Find High-Quality Knotty Pine Flooring Online

You will find the best combination of high-quality and fair prices online with The Log Home Shoppe. Our pine flooring is milled by craftsmen who kiln-dry it to the correct moisture content for stability and finishing. Each piece is hand-inspected to ensure it is defect-free to meet your satisfaction.

Our list of quality products also extends to log siding, paneling, trims, corners, and doors. We supply stain and finishing materials that are perfect for any of our wood products.

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