Roto Clip Trimming Disc

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Convert your 4-1/2" or 5" angle grinder into a fast, economical log shaping tool. Roto-Clips are steel discs with long wearing cutting edges that are virtually clog free. The log shaping disc allows you to do fine detailing with the edge of the disc, including cutting like a circular saw.

Both the original and the log shaping discs can be sharpened up to 25 times before needing replacement. The carbide bladed discs will go 100 times longer before the blades need sharpening or replacement. The slotting out of the blade area decreases the chance of clogging. The Original Disc is more for dishing or peeling where the Shaping Disc is for more aggressive shaping and carving, but can perform dishing and peeling as well. The original & log shaping discs are usually in stock and ship right away. The carbide discs can take up to two weeks to ship.

These discs also work well for hoof trimming!!!

The Original Disc
Cutting slots are raised higher off the face making it more aggressive. Take shavings off of logs about 1/4" to 1/2" wide and about 1" long. For Hoof Trimming, they will trim roughly 10-15 animals before becoming dull. Special heat treat allows disc to be sharpened with proper tool (sharpening burr). Can be sharpened up to 20 times for full life of disc.

The Shaping Disc
Ideal for log shaping. Takes shavings off logs 1/4" to 1/2" wide to about 1" long. Edge of disc used for design, detailing on wood carvings and cuts like a circular saw. Is much more aggressive on the ends

The Round 4 Slot Carbide Disc
Ideal disc for large herds and professional trimmers. Used primarily as a roughing disc (Works great on animals with excessive growth or hard hooves). Disc has been turned down allowing side and face of disc to be used as a trimming surface. Disc works great for doing saddle notches, copes in logs and removes material very rapidly. The 4-slot round disc is one the most aggressive discs. Comes with 4 interchangeable round inserts. Averages 150 animals before inserts become dull. Each insert can be sharpened up to 3-4 times before replacement of inserts. Not recommended for use with tilt-tables.

The Flat 4 Slot Carbide Disc
A smaller diameter disc which is lighter and easier on the wrists. Less weight creates less torque. Ideal for maintenance trimming or fine-tuning show animals.

The Flat 6 Slot Carbide Disc
Disc works great as a finishing disc in wood, can be used to do notches, stairs, furniture or any type of finishing work. Our most popular disc. Ideal disc for large herds and professional trimmers. Comes with 6 interchangeable inserts. Each insert had two sharpened edges that can be rotated. Averages 100 animals before inserts become dull. Inserts can be sharpened up to 3-4 times before replacement of inserts. This is our least aggressive carbide disc.

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