Amazing Properties Of Knotty Pine Paneling

Many options are available for creating gorgeous interior walls in a home. One of the favorites for log homes, cabins, and cottages is knotty pine paneling. It is also used on conventional and modern-style homes as well instead of painted drywall.

High-quality knotty pine paneling is available online for your shopping convenience. It is fast and easy to install and can be stained in a wide variety of colors to match your home’s décor. Red pine is a sustainable product for paneling because the trees are grown on federally controlled tree farms.


Characteristics Of Knotty Pine Wood

Red pine, also called Norwegian Pine, is an amazing wood to use on walls. It has been popular for more than 100 years in America, Europe, and Asia. Its qualities we appreciate are many:


  • Distinctive rings that give it a slight figure in the grain
  • Heartwood that is light orange-brown or light pinkish tan
  • Sapwood that is a creamy light yellow or nearly white color
  • Attractive dark knots that add character
  • Strong and durable straight-grained wood
  • Non-porous and moderately hard
  • Useful for log homes, cabins, and lumber


Knotty pine paneling can be stained in many different colors to enhance its beauty. It can also be finished with several applications of a clear coat finish to bring out its natural characteristics.


Benefits Of Knotty Pine Paneling

Knotty pine paneling with the tongue and groove/end-matching design is given high ratings by contractors, carpenters, and DIY homeowners. Here’s why it’s a standout product:


  • This product is fast and easy to install
  • It is virtually a no-waste product
  • Knotty pine paneling is affordable
  • Skilled homeowners can install it
  • Only simple tools are needed
  • It can be laid out in many designs
  • It is available in several widths
  • Paneling can be shipped to your work site
  • Available in unfinished and finished conditions

Knotty pine paneling adds beauty, warmth, and a relaxing atmosphere to any house, cabin, basement, man cave, garage, workshop, office, or business.

“High-quality knotty pine paneling is available online for your shopping convenience.”

Selecting Sizes Of Knotty Pine Paneling

It’s easy to be creative with knotty pine paneling because it is milled in several different widths and lengths. The best planks are ¾” thick with tongues and grooves on both sides and ends.

Unfinished Pre-Finished
4” widths 4” widths
5” widths 5” widths
6” widths 6” widths
8” widths 8” widths


There’s no need to end-butt the end-matched paneling on a stud like you would the old-style 12’, 14,’ and 16’ lengths of paneling. The ends fit together snugly anywhere between the wall framing. This style of paneling significantly reduces the amount of measuring and sawing the individual pieces. The results are 15%-20% labor savings and up to 20% less material waste.

Layout Patterns for Paneling

Use your creativity to select the layout pattern for your walls and/or ceilings. The favorite layout styles for virtually all homes include:


  • Horizontal patterns are conventional and fast to install
  • Vertical layouts add a traditional cabin atmosphere
  • Diagonally at 45 degrees adds a distinctive flair
  • Chevron above and horizontal below is beautiful
  • Herringbone takes longer but looks gorgeous
  • Wainscoting is style in style
  • Your unique idea can take many shapes and forms


You can add knotty pine trims and chair railing to create a quality finished look. Some of the layouts other than horizontal will require installing blocks between the studs for support.

Installation Tips

When your order arrives, check it to make sure all of it is present. Store it inside the rooms and areas where it will be installed for a few days so it will acclimate to the temperature and humidity levels. Start the bottom row by placing it about a quarter inch above the flooring and make sure it is level across the room.

The bottom row should be installed with the tongue side up. Take the left-over piece from the bottom row and use it for the first piece on the second row. Use a nail gun and the correct size nails for faster installation. The paneling can be installed with a hammer, nail punch, and finishing nails driven in at a 45-degree angle. This video shows how to install knotty pine paneling.


Finishing Your Paneling

Three options for finishing your paneling include adding the stain and clear coat before installing, after installing, or ordering pre-finished paneling. TIP: Use the highest quality finishing products you can afford and you will never be sorry.

Money can be saved by finishing the paneling yourself if you have the skills, time, and inclination. If not, get three bids from painters with great reviews to make a selection.

Knotty pine paneling is a traditional product you can enjoy for decades. It adds a warm and relaxing touch to any room.

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