How To Choose Furniture For A Log Home

Selecting furniture for a log home is a personal choice for you and those who live with you. Homeowners typically consider the budget, style, durability, quality, wood type, placement, and functioning of each piece. Whether furniture is new, used, antiques, or refurbished, you will want to put your personal touches on them.

For those with woodworking skills, you may want to try your hand at making a few pieces of furniture. The satisfaction that comes with making something yourself can spread to other members of the family. The quality and prices of materials vary a lot so shop around for the best deals on everything. Let’s look at some recommendations from log home furniture experts that may help with your choices.


Select A Style Of Log Home Furniture

When selecting furniture, consider the overall décor of the home to start. If you want more of a rustic look, use natural materials like linen, wool, wood, or leather to exhibit a warm and cozy atmosphere. For a more modern look, display minimal ornamentation and use clean lines.


  • Casual styles use overstuffed, oversized, comfortable couches and chairs, earthy colors, and wood accents
  • Contemporary furniture features sharp lines, bold colors, metal or glass accents
  • Country styles can include soft cushions, painted wood, and floral prints
  • Eclectic furniture consists of a mix of periods and styles
  • Traditional styles use antiques, reproductions of antiques, or damask upholstery
  • Try large sectional couches in the great room or den
  • Large dining tables made of smooth or rough-sawn planks have appeal
  • Log furniture creates a rustic style that complements exposed beams


Durability And Quality Are Important

For the best long-term results, purchase furniture with the highest durability of materials, construction, quality, and easy-to-clean fabrics you can afford. If you have children and/or pets, these qualities become more important since the furniture may see some abuse. Outdoor furniture must withstand the wear, tear, and weather of the outdoors.

You will never be sorry for buying the best quality furniture you can afford. It’s frustrating when a piece or two wears out prematurely or breaks. In this case, the furniture was not a bargain after all. Check the warranties that come with furnishings before you buy them.


Whether furniture is new, used, antiques, or refurbished, you will want to put your personal touches on them.

Wood Types For Log Home Furniture

Each variety of wood has different characteristics and appeal. The traditional wood for log homes and cabins is beautiful knotty pine which is the most affordable. Characteristics of commonly used woods that may interest you include:


  • White Cedar is solid, scented, beautiful, and great for chests
  • Clear Pine makes attractive cabinets and tables
  • White Oak is hard and durable and can be used for virtually any application
  • Hickory is hard, heavy, and shock-resistant with straight grain patterns
  • Maple is hard and can raise the visual impact of any room
  • Aspen also makes attractive cabinets and tables


All these woods can be stained to various colors or left in its natural condition by applying a clear coat finish. Learn more about other types of woods at


Furniture Placement And Settings

Selecting furniture means giving thought to all the rooms and spaces in the house. Make sure all pieces sit squarely on the floor, don’t wobble, and have sufficient padding on the legs to protect the floors. Furniture and cabinet doors and drawers should open and close easily. Room considerations include:


  • Great Rooms or Dens should have enough comfortable seating
  • Bedrooms need sufficient drawer and closet space
  • Kitchen/Dining rooms should have appropriate cabinet and wood styles
  • Bathroom cabinetry can match the kitchen for consistency
  • Hallways can contain narrow tables or shelving
  • Office furniture should meet your workspace needs


Furniture should be functional to help keep your home clutter-free. Consider why you are buying it in the first place.


Tips For Buying Furniture

If you need a few more tips for buying log home furniture, we have some that are useful.

  • Assess your lifestyle by considering how you will use the furniture
  • Comfort is important, so sit on furniture at the showroom to try it out
  • Evaluate the spaces with careful planning and make some drawings if needed
  • Fabric selection entails checking for durability and ease of cleaning
  • Mix or match to meet your tastes and create variety
  • Quality should be a prime consideration no matter your budget
  • Wants versus needs should be addressed long before purchasing pieces


These furniture ideas should prove helpful when planning for and buying furnishings for a log home or cabin. Check out this website if you plan to build a log home or cabin.

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