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Electrical Boxes for Log Siding!
Here is the perfect way to solve any problems with the rounded face surface associated with log sidng and trying to work in your electrical boxes, plugs, light fixtures and switches that you may encounter along the way while installing your siding.

These boxes are designed to be used with existing electrical boxes that are already in place before installing your siding....or can be used in totally new construction.

Please read the "Details" below to know more about these boxes before placing your order.

Available in Pine or Cedar!







1/4 Log Light box

Each box cut-out is able to accept the appropriate electrical box insertion....
Single Duplex - standard cut-out of 2-1/2" x 3-3/4"
Doubles - cut-out is 4-1/4" x 3-3/4"
Triple's - cut-out is 6" x 3-3/4"
Quad's - cut-out is 7-3/4" x 3-3/4" 
Light Boxes - cut-out is a 4" diameter hole.

All boxes measure - 7" high.
All Blank, Singles, Doubles and Light Boxes - are 7" wide.

1/2 Log Boxes - are 2-3/4" deep
1/4 Log Boxes - are 1-3/4" deep.

Each box has a flat back side....they are not scooped or rounded out to fit over a log. These are for new applications of log siding.

It is recommended that these electrical boxes are installed before your log siding is installed. Install a box right over the stud where you plan on having your plastic electrical outlet installed. Then pop the wiring through the opening in the box and insert your plastic box in that opening and feed the wiring into the plastic box.

Your log siding will end up butting right to the sides of the electrical box. Depending where the rows of siding fall, you may have to use a jig saw on the siding to cut around where it fits to the wood electrical box as seen in the image below.
Electrical Box

Do you have another company's log siding that you are using instead of ours and no way to trim around electrical boxes?
No problem, these babies can be used!

Choose from a blank box for mounting flat items or for creating your own cut out, a single, double, triple, quad or round cut out for your desired electrical boxes.

We also make custom boxes for mounting your electrical box service to or larger light fixtures .....just give us some measurements! Call 800-818-9971 for your custom needs.

Now you can also buy sample log home kit here!

Color Natural
Shipping Details Ships by Fed-Ex Ground in 1-3 days unless you've purchased your electrical blocks along with log siding or other log siding accessories, then your shipment may go by Fed-Ex Freightways.
Manufacturer The Woodworkers Shoppe
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