Imagine enjoying the weekend in an ideal location in your own log cabin. Thousands of people have done just that. They have constructed a rustic cabin on a lake or in the woods and spend as much time there as their schedules allow. You don’t need to spend a fortune on full logs to accomplish this goal. You can be a happy cabin owner by carefully planning and buying the log siding materials at competitive prices.

A Beautiful Log-sided Home In the Country Side

Five favorite style options are available for you to contemplate including:

  • Pine Half Log Siding
  • Cedar Half Log Siding
  • Pine Quarter Log Siding
  • Cedar Quarter LogSiding
  • Premier D Pine or Cedar

Each option has its own unique beauty and advantages. Let’s look at each of them in detail to help you with your decision. The best siding configuration to use is tongue and groove with the end-matching system – it’s hot!

Pine Half Log Siding

Pine half log siding is the most popular style used by consumers today. You can create an authentic log cabin without the full log price. The available widths and thicknesses closely simulate a complete log look on cabins, houses, and businesses. Go with 3”x6” or 3”x8” sizes to adorn your cabin. Pay a little more and get a lot more with 3”x10” Premier pine siding that looks fantastic because of its additional width. All sizes come in smooth or hand-hewn surfaces.

Cedar Half Log Siding

Cedar half log siding has a classy appearance that is unmatched by other woods. Like pine half log siding, you can have a true log cabin without the full log price. Unlike pine, cedar has more color variations and is more resistant to moisture and insects. While you will pay more for cedar, it gives you a stronger visual presentation. You can find it in 3”x6,” 3”x7,” and 3”x8” sizes to meet your needs. All sizes come in smooth or hand-hewn surfaces.

Pine Quarter Log Siding

Pine quarter log siding is the most economical way to create the full log look for less cost than half or premier log siding. It is not as thick as half log but still looks great as you are coming up the driveway. Typical sizes include 2”x6” and 2”x8,” and it is available in smooth or hand-hewn surfaces. It mounts the same way as Pine half log siding.

Cedar Quarter Log Siding

Cedar quarter log siding is the least expensive way to give your cabin a full log look with cedar wood. This economical choice still gives the appearance of half log siding as you approach from the road. You will find it available online in 2”x6” and 2”x8” sizes. It installs the same way on the outside and inside as half log siding.

Premier Deep D Pine or Cedar

Premier Deep D provides an upscale look for the log home enthusiast. It is available in hand- hewn only in 3”x8” and 3”x10” knotty pine or cedar. Here’s some help with how to choose a site for a log cabin.

“The best siding configuration to use is tongue and groove with the end-matching system.”

Log Siding Prices Are Affordable

                                                    A Cabin That's Beautifully Enhanced With Log Siding

Log cabin siding prices are affordable for anyone who wants to build a rustic and authentic-looking log cabin or home. To give you an idea of how affordable exterior log siding is, examine this chart for siding, trim, corners, and finish materials. This example of a 24’ x 36’ cabin is the size many people choose for a weekend getaway, summer home, or vacation home. You can see this estimate is much less expensive than full logs.

Dimensions: 24’ x 36’ Costs
Log Siding: 3×8 Pine Hewn $5,000.00
Trim: 4×4 D-Trim $600.00
Corners: 6″ Vertical $250.00
Finish: Sikkens Butternut $800.00

If your plans call for a larger one-story or story and a half cabin, refer to these charts or use a free cost estimate quick calculator. You can view the prices and sizes of all log siding products shown above and more at the Find the right combination of wood type, width, and thickness to suit your preferences. Log siding prices are affordable, and you can take advantage of our generous sales going on right now.

Do You Want Raw Siding or Pre-Finished Log Siding?

Log cabin siding is available in raw/smooth and pre-finished surfaces that are perfect for any log cabin in the wilderness or suburbs. Raw siding for exterior or interior use can be stained to a multitude of colors and then covered with a clear preservative. You can do the finishing work yourself or hire a painter to finish the siding for you. If you would rather bypass buying the finishing materials, doing the work, and cleaning up afterward, you should order siding that is pre-finished in the color of your choice. Pre-finished wood products come with these benefits:

  • The millwork purchases the stain and preservative products.
  • Their technicians apply the stains evenly and consistently with no runs or sags.
  • Boards are dried in a controlled atmosphere where no dust can settle into the finish.
  • You do not have to smell the stain while working inside the cabin.
  • There is little to no wastewhich saves you money.
  • Pre-finished log siding costs a little more, but it is well worth the price.

Amazing Finish on Hand-Hewn Siding

Pre-finished siding goes up quickly – just nail it up and you’re done with the walls. If you have the skills to install it, get some friends together and have a siding party. Hire a competent roofer or do the work yourself with these ideas.

Find Log Siding for Sale Online

The Log Home Shoppe is America’s online leader in log cabin siding for sale. Find everything you need to cover your interior and exterior cabin walls on our website. We offer wood products, finishing materials, hardware, and home décor. Look at what one of our recent customers has to say. “Just a quick email to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I had purchased the quarter sawn 2 x 8 some time ago from your company, and every piece went together nicely. I did not find one bad piece in the whole two pallets!! Thank you so much!!” (John – a customer in Wisconsin) Call us at 800-818-9971 for a consultation about your cabin and log siding for sale online.

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