Why Log Cabin Siding is Superior to Other Materials

Before you finalize your cabin plans, you should consider using log siding instead of other materials on the exterior and interior walls. In this article, we will explore why log siding is superior to seven other common products from full logs to stucco. Study each of them, and you will see why log siding is so popular for log cabins and log homes.

A Superb Log-Sided Cabin

  • Full Logslook authentic, but are very expensive and require hiring a crane operator to install them. Additionally, there is always the issue of logs expanding and contracting with the weather. This can pull joints apart requiring additional chinking. Full logs can crack and split and require long-term maintenance. You can avoid all of these issues with the use of pine or cedar log siding.
  • Fiber Cement is not as durable as log siding and does not come with a long-term warranty. Its major con is that it’s heavy which increases delivery and installation costs. The use of this material requires special cutting tools that also increase costs. Fiber cement must be maintained by repainting it over the years.
  • Full Brick is a sturdy exterior material with a few drawbacks when compared to log siding. Bricks can be expensive, depending on their size, composition, and delivery charges. Installation is also costly because it takes skilled professionals to lay brick with a labor-intensive process. You will add an additional cost if you ask for unique layouts.
  • Metals are not as durable in the long term. However, aluminum siding is fragile, and minor forces like hail, rocks, or kids playing can easily dent it. Harsh weather can cause some metals to change colors and degrade. Steel siding is heavy which increases installation costs. It has very few insulation qualities and requires new paint every few years.
  • Vinylis a favorite for suburban America but not for cabins. Harsh weather conditions can damage vinyl siding, and severe damage can lead to cracking, mold, and rot. Additionally, vinyl looks synthetic which is a turn-off to many people looking for a natural look. Vinyl is not biodegradable and old material ends up in landfills, unlike log siding.
  • Stone requires more initial searching to find just the right kind for your plans. Stone and its delivery are both expensive. Stonemasons are needed to do the job correctly, and their skills are not cheap. Stone is one of the most expensive materials for the outside of a cabin or home.
  • Stucco is an attractive alternative to the above products; however, Stucco is also costly to install and has a high initial investment because it needs several layers to withstand the environment. Stucco works better in arid climates. Unlike log siding, it does not do well in humid states. If moisture leaks through cracks or joints, it can damage the wood behind it.

All this information can be overwhelming, but it is necessary to help you decide on cabin siding. Log siding is affordable and easy to install compared to other materials. Pre-finished log siding is the fastest material to use. The following details about pine and cedar log siding will help you see their advantages.

Pine Log Siding Is a Favorite Building Material

Interior Log Siding With an Authentic Look

The classic cabin in the woods or on the lake has the authentic log look and feel inside and out. Log siding companies like LogHomeShoppe.com, make pine log siding from specially selected trees grown in sustainable forests. They craft each piece to precise dimensions with tongue and groove features for straightforward installation. Pine is the economical choice for most log cabins. Knotty pine has been a favorite building material for log homes for centuries. It is easy to handle and sand. One or two people can install it on a one-floor cabin. The use of scaffolding and two sets of hands is all that you need for the second floor. Also, no crane to lift heavy, full logs. When you get started, install the door and window trim and the corner systems first. Follow that up with the log siding, and you’re in business with a beautiful home. See why pine is such a favorite building material and for furniture.

“Give your log cabin the complete look by using siding on the inside walls. It looks just as good there as it does on the outside.”

Cedar Log Siding Is Another Viable Option

Cedar is a Great Choice for Exterior Log Siding

Cedar log siding looks much the same as knotty pine except for its richer colors and natural characteristics. Cedar is more moisture and rot-resistant than other woods. Its natural resin helps propel insects and pests. While it costs more than pine, its rustic atmosphere is worth the price. Cedar siding also comes with the tongue and groove end-matching system that locks all joints securely together. You will fall in love with cedar siding once you have seen it in person. If you don’t have access to seeing a finished cedar cabin, you can order a sample box of log materials starting at just $15.00. Simply specify you want cedar wood materials on the order.

Log Siding Looks Just As Good on the Inside

Dress Up the Interior with Log Siding

 Give your log cabin the complete look by using siding on the inside walls. It looks just as good there as it does on the outside. Most people can’t tell the difference between log siding and full logs when it envelopes the entire structure. It comes in both Pine and Cedar for your décor and aesthetic preferences. Interior log siding is installed the same way as the outside of your cabin. Put up the window and door trim with nails or screws first and then add the siding starting with the bottom row. This bedroom shows how natural the walls and pine ceiling can be.

Choose from Three Great-Looking Log Siding Styles

Quarter log, half log, and premier D-log are available to meet your cabin plan requirements. Select thicknesses of 2” and 3” and widths of 6”, 8”, and 10” to make your cabin’s exterior and interior stand out. Pine isn’t your only choice of woods because Cedar makes a beautiful second option for any log cabin or log home. Refer to your cabin’s budget and match it with the size and style of log siding that fits it. You can’t go wrong with any of the three styles in unfinished or pre-finished conditions. Use our estimate calculator to determine the amount of siding and paneling needed.

The Log Home Shoppe Stands for Quality

Where to Find High-Quality Log Cabin Siding

Find all your siding and other log cabin building materials at the LogHomeShoppe.com. We mill and stock an extensive line of siding, paneling, trim, stains, and finishes. You will be able to buy the best materials on the market at affordable prices. We are known for paying close attention to detail on all our log home products to ensure each customer gets the most for their money on every order. Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our specialists about your questions and building needs.

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