Log Siding Creates a Rustic Appearance for Your Cabin

Rustic Log Siding Enhances Any Home

Having a log cabin for a get-away retreat is a growing trend and those built with log cabin siding are more affordable. Whether you’re building a new one or changing the outside of an old one, you will love log cabin siding. It looks just like full logs without its cost and maintenance issues.

There’s nothing that says rustic and cozy living like a log cabin with smoke coming out of the chimney and home- cooked meals on the table. Log cabins are used for many reasons including:

  • Weekend get-aways
  • Vacations or business retreats
  • Fishing or Hunting trips
  • Spending time with family
  • Spending time with friends
  • Escape the hectic modern world
  • Live there permanently

Whatever your reason for owning a log cabin in the woods or on the lake, log cabin siding makes it a joy to live in.

Exterior siding comes in pine and cedar. Each has its own advantages for you to consider. Pine is the standard and most popular wood type. It costs less than cedar and may require a little more maintenance than cedar. Cedar has natural oils that better resist moisture and insects. It also has a pleasant aroma. Be prepared to pay more for cedar log siding for your cabin.

How to Install Exterior Log Cabin or Home Siding

Installing Prefinished Log Siding is Fun

Do you remember the old days when log cabin or home siding came in long boards that were clumsy to handle? Besides that, they were not tongue and groove. Each board had to be cut to end butt on studs. That was a lot of measuring, cutting, and a lot of wasted material.

Those issues don’t exist with modern milled tongue and groove siding with end-matching from The Log Home Shop.com. This type of joint system allows them to be connected solidly on the edges and ends. The end joints are strong enough to place anywhere between studs. Siding from a reputable company will provide you with boards that have no defects and are dimensionally the same size. There should be no cupping. The pieces are short enough for almost anyone to handle easily.

Begin by cutting and nailing the trim around doors, windows, and corners with a nail gun. Once in place start at the bottom of the walls and make a single run. Cut the last board to length and nail it. Do the same with the second and each succeeding row of siding boards. Stagger the joints from row to row the way you think best. The last piece at the top may need to be ripped to width to fit correctly. Order trims and molding at the same time your order siding. Learn more about installing log siding so you can do it the right way. Enjoy this video on how to install trim and molding.

Don’t Forget About Log Siding for the Interior Walls

Beautiful Interior Log Siding

Don’t forget about log siding for the interior walls in your initial plans. This will really create a full log look throughout the cabin. Knotty pine or cedar walls are ideal for that warm and cozy atmosphere most people are seeking. Add a fireplace or wood-burning stove and you can take a trip back in time to a simpler life.

You have two options for interior walls. One is to use the same width and thickness of the boards inside and out. The second option is to use interior siding that is not as wide or as thick. Think about this carefully because once installed, they will be hard to remove.

Envision beautiful log walls hanging with personal items and photos. You can decorate this type of room with a variety of themes. Give it a complete country look or add a few modern touches to your liking. The kitchen and den areas will be a pleasure to use year-round. Sit down and enjoy the rustic atmosphere with friends and family.

“We supply log siding in both Pine and Cedar to meet your preference.”

Save Time with Pre-finished Log Siding

Pre-finished Siding in
Cedar Color
Pre-finished Siding in
Butternut Color

You can order raw, unfinished log siding if you want to stain and finish it yourself or hire a painter to do the work. If you want to speed up the cabin’s completion, install pre-finished log siding. Bypass purchasing finishing materials, doing the work, and cleaning up afterward with our quality pre-finished materials. Pre-finished wood products come with these benefits:

  • Our company purchases the stain and inventories any left-over finishes.
  • Technicians apply the stains professionally, evenly, and consistently.
  • There are no runs, sags, or drips when we do it.
  • The finish is dried in a controlled atmosphere where dust does not settle on it.
  • You eliminate the odor of the drying finish while working in your cabin.
  • Prices for our pre-finished log siding are affordable.
  • When the order arrives, nail it up and you’re finished!

You’ll be excited to know these advantages save up to 50% when compared to on-the-job-site finishing. Other benefits include no waiting on the inclement weather and no delays because of high humidity and good drying conditions. Some painters and DIYers tend to skip finishing a few edges and ends of the siding to save time. Our technicians apply the finish to the face, edges, and ends of every piece to seal them properly. Our application process meets and exceeds all warranty requirements by the stain manufacturers.

We supply log siding in both Pine and Cedar to meet your preference. Choose from pre-finished Quarter Log, Half Log, and Premier Log with either a smooth or hand-hewn (peeled log) surface. Our team will also pre-finish any of our matching corner options to provide a complete exterior appearance.

If you want the interior siding pre-finished as well, no problem. We can finish it with the stain color of your choice or apply a clear coat. Our finishes are non-yellowing and durable that last for many years of enjoyment.

Quality Log Siding for Sale at Great Prices

This Could Be Your Log Cabin's Appearance

You have some options in quality log siding from a reputable dealer. Go for quarter log or half log in various widths. Use pine siding for that traditional log look or cedar for a richer color. The Log Home Shoppe.com is the online business to find just what you need. Buy online for fast delivery, quality materials, and save money.

High reviews are not the only way to learn about a company’s reputation. Take a look at this testimonial from a couple of satisfied customers. “Well, we are finished installing the log siding on our cabin. The quality of the materials that we purchased from you was excellent. We also enjoyed working with it and there was very little waste at all. Wishing all of you a nice day!
(From happy customers in Michigan)

Pick up the phone and talk to one of our customer specialists. You will see that we are serious about the success of your log cabin. We want to make sure you get exactly what you order and are happy about the quality of our products and service. Get your siding, trims, and corner systems all at the same place for efficient ordering.

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