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Follow Plate
Works with Albion bulk loading Caulking & Chinking guns. 

Follow Plate reduces the mess of bulk loading caulk from pails.  Keeps gun barrel clean and prevents air from entering gun barrel during loading.

Steel plates sandwich a neoprene gasket that scrapes the inside of a 5-gallon pail clean to reduce waste and keep air and job site debris out of bulk caulk.

Threaded cap with gasket in center of pail holds gun solidly.  Fits all 2" diameter Albion threaded barrel bulk guns (models DL-45-xx, DL-59-xx, etc. plus B-Line B12Bxx and B26Bxx series)For use with tapered or straight sided metal or plastic pails with maximum ID of 11-3/8" and minimum ID of 9-7/8".

Also fits pails with 3 gallon units of Sikaflex®-2c and MasterSeal®  NP 2™

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Loading The Gun
Remove front cap, wet the end of gun with water or the release agent (50% water and 50% denatured alcohol). Also spray or pull water into the gun chamber to lubricate the interior. Then using the follow plate placed in the pail on top of the caulk or chinking, seat the plate firmly. Attach the gun to the plate and lock the push rod locking mechanism and pull up slowly until the gun is full.

If you are not using the follow plate, place the end of the gun down into the material about 2-3 inches and pull up on the push rod. Using your pointer finger, scrape material off gun until it is clean, then wipe your finger. This helps reduce mess. It is always advisable to have a small 5-quart pail with water and a cloth for clean up after each filling.

Clean-Up At End Of Day
At the end of day put remaining caulk or chinking back into pail and seal it. Place gun into a pail of water with cap removed and pull up on the push rod. Keep doing this until gun is clean of material. Spray a light lubricant like WD-40 into gun chamber. Also unscrew back trigger mechanism and spray WD-40 into the back. Leave gun open until it is dry. This will help keep interior from rusting. Also wipe exterior with light oil.

Other Maintenance
If gun is not maintained and a build-up of material develops on or in the gun, remove it by first soaking with brush and roller cleaner. After softening of material occurs, the interior can be cleaned with a 2" or 3" wire wheel attached to a 1/4" drill extension.

Other Trouble Shooting
Gun will not fill. The leathers are either worn or dried out. With leathers in the gun, place the end of the gun in warm water and keep pulling up on push rod until water is pulled into gun chamber. If you are working in the fall, the material may be cold and leeks fluid. Either keep the material in a heated space or place pail of material in tub of heated water.

Leathers are buckled. The leathers will lose shape if stored or soaked in water too long a time.

A maintained gun will give you a much better chinking or caulking experience, so do clean it daily; and if you cannot because of an emergency, place the whole gun in a plastic bag and seal it up until you can take the time to clean it.

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