Why Pine Log Siding Is Today’s Bargain Material for Log Cabins

This beautiful log cabin is made with pine log siding instead of full pine logs. It has an authentic log cabin look without all the costs and worries associated with full logs. This, or a similar cabin, can be yours by purchasing high-quality pine at competitive prices that make it today’s bargain material for cabins, larger homes, garages, and businesses.

What It Is: Log Siding Explained

Pine log siding is created by removing the center of a large pine log to create two D-shaped pieces of siding. The center piece is milled for other purposes in cabin and home construction. The resulting siding can be milled with a smooth surface or a hand-hewn surface.

Half Log Quarter Log Premier D-Log


Tongues and grooves are made into all sides and ends of each piece for a fast and easy install. All pieces of siding fit snugly together at the joints and can even be end-butted between studs. You no longer need to waste material trying to measure and cut boards to splice on studs. A video is available for homeowners to learn how to install siding and trim to save even more money.

“Buying superior-made log siding is the wise thing to do, especially when you can get it at the best prices on today’s market.”

Quality Control Is the Key

The Log Home Shoppe is known for its high-quality wood products and its tight quality control procedures. Each piece of siding is hand-inspected to provide you with defect-free siding, trims, flooring, paneling, and doors. Our production crew is specially trained to achieve the highest standards in the log home industry and the benefits are passed on to your, our customers. Check out these log siding installation videos.

Pricing Makes a Special Buy

Buying superior-made log siding is the wise thing to do, especially when you can get it at the best prices on today’s market. Don’t expect to find materials you will be completely satisfied with at lumber yards, DIY stores, and box store retailers.

Check our pricing for half log and quarter log pine siding from our online store. You will find them in these thickness and widths to fit your style of cabin and budget:

  • 3”x 6”
  • 3”x 8”
  • 3”x 10”
  • 2”x 6”
  • 2”x 8”

Knotty Pine trims are also priced to fit your budget whether large or small.

Product Warranties Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Our products are so well made you can expect every piece to be quality-made. If a part of your order arrives in a damaged condition or for any reason you are not happy with a product, let us know. We accept returns within 30-days of receipt according to our returns policy.

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