Why Log Home Siding Is the Ultimate Building Material

Magnificent Pine Log Siding Cabin

Log home siding is one of today’s favorite building materials because many consider it the ultimate log cabin and log home wall construction. Its advantages are many, its cost is affordable, and its installation is fast and easy compared to full logs. If you are planning on building a new log home or renovating an old cabin, consider the benefits of log siding. One of log siding’s major advantages over full logs is that it can be installed on traditional wall framing. No special tools or equipment are needed like cranes and loaders. Log siding also:

  • Can be installed by anyone with adequate woodworking skills and simple tools.
  • Each piece is kiln dried to perfection and comes in uniform size planks.
  • Resembles full logs more than other faux log materials.
  • Can be stained many different colors
  • Saves up to 20% in labor, measuring, and wasted materials.

There’s no wonder why so many people are using this product in today’s construction. We will tell you enough about it to get you started planning and building your dream log home.

Pine Half Log Siding Is the Standard

Although Pine log siding is available in larger and smaller sizes than half log, it remains the most popular. Homeowners typically prefer 3”x 6” and 3”x 8” sizes in either smooth or hand-hewn (peeled logs) surfaces. Pine has been a sustainable building material ever since they were first planted on tree farms. Pine is an all-around material used in many parts of the world for floors, decking, ceilings, furniture, doors, trims, and moldings. You can use our Pine products for all these same applications in your home or cabin. If Pine doesn’t suit your fancy, check out Cedar siding.

Cedar half Log Siding Looks Phenomenal

                                          Cedar Log Siding Stands Out

Cedar half log has the same general benefits as Pine because it is a perennial winner year in and year out for those who don’t choose Pine. Our customers like 3”x 6”, 3”x 7”, and 3”x 8” sizes in both smooth or hand-hewn (peeled logs) surfaces. You should know that Cedar siding:

  • Is more moisture and insect resistance than most woods.
  • Its appearance is amazing with knots, mineral streaks, colors, and grain designs.
  • Cedar costs more than Pine but is well worth it.
  • We have the most competitive prices for high-quality wood.

Interior Log Siding Looks Like Full Logs

Log Siding Shines in Cabin Bath

If you want to give your log home or cabin the complete rustic look of a full log structure, install interior log siding instead of paneling or drywall. Using this building technique provides all of a full log except for the center cut that is removed. Savvy builders place a lot of insulation between the exterior and interior siding to keep warm in the winter. Isn’t this a beautiful and rustic bathroom? Half log Cedar and Pine siding come in tongue and groove and the end-matching system that makes installing it fun and easy. Connect the joints anywhere between the studs instead of splicing them on studs, and you have sturdy walls in every room.

Pre-Finished Log Siding Is a Time Saver

Just in case you are not aware of it, you can order log siding that is pre-finished! Using this product is a real time and labor saver. You will find these advantages on our website:

  • Pre-finished log siding saves you up to 50% when compared to on-the-job-site finishing.
  • No delays with weather or scheduling a painter. Our pre-finished siding arrives to the job-site already sealed with protection from inclement weather.
  • Finish is applied in a controlled environment to not only the face and back of the siding but on all edges, ends, tongues grooves for a total seal on all our pre-finished wood siding. Our application meets and exceeds all warranty requirements by the stain manufacturers.

If you haven’t thought about using this material, give it your attention today.

Trim, Molding, and Corner Systems

Great Looking Trim and Corners

Now let’s talk about finishing up your project with log home trims, moldings, and corner systems. You can’t leave out any of these applications in your new or renovated home. A wide assortment of trims and moldings are available to meet your preferences. Your finished design doesn’t have to match everyone else’s plans. Be unique and vary the trims and molding from room to room and enjoy it for generations to come. We stock the trims and moldings for use around doors and windows, baseboards, for chair rails, wainscoting, corner applications, and crown molding. Choose a cool looking corner system from our selection. Many of these products can be ordered in a pre-finished condition.

Log Siding for Sale Online

Where do you find the highest quality log siding? It’s online with WoodWorkersShoppe.com, not at your local lumberyards or home improvements. Save time shopping for your needs and always get great prices from our millwork. Take advantage of the sales going on right now on log siding and other products.

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