Why Homeowners Prefer Log Cabin Siding Over Log Cabin Kits Deciding between log cabin siding or a log cabin kit for your new get-away in the woods can be confusing when you don’t have all the information. While cabin owners go both routes, siding applied to a wood frame is the favorite. Here are the most common reasons provided by those who chose to side: • The initial construction cost is less for stud walls and siding. • Log siding requires less maintenance over the years. • Cabin Kits come with full logs that are awkward to use. • Log siding on the outside allows more options for the inside. • Some materials in the kit can be purchased separately at less cost. • The siding option does not require any special structural configurations. Save Money with Log Cabin Siding As a homeowner, if you team up with a carpenter, you can reduce construction costs by thousands of dollars by installing the roofing, doors, windows, and finishing the inside. Additionally, installing siding on cabin walls is faster and easier than using logs found in kits. In fact, a homeowner can install log siding with a few essential skills and tools. In contrast, assembling a log cabin kit requires carpenters or a construction company that uses a crane to lift the logs. This can be costly and must typically be done in good weather to prevent issues with the crane. Also, your local contractor may not be experienced with log cabin kits and could charge more than is necessary for the job. With either cabin option, you must have the foundation and footers poured. Siding Requires Less Maintenance Than Cabin Kits Cabin kits come with two frequent issues that require more attention than log siding. The first of these being that the logs can shrink and expand with the weather, even if they are sealed well, resulting in cracks in the logs, and air leaks that waste energy and money. The other issue is structural integrity and stability. You don’t want your cabin to become less stable due to the nature of wood and the weather. If a log or part of a log becomes damaged, it can take a lot of work to repair it. Siding Is Much Easier to Work With Most of us are not weightlifters or supermen who can lift heavy full logs into place, and because full logs are heavy and awkward to work with, there is more chance of someone getting hurt. It can take two or three people to install logs, whereas one person can carry and install a log siding board. It is also easier and faster to install log siding around door and window openings. The material is easy to saw and drill and does not require extra long screws to secure it to the wall frame. More Options for the Inside If you are a creative person, you will welcome the opportunity to apply your own unique interior materials. Cabins built with siding on the exterior walls allow more options for the inside including: • Log Siding • Pine Paneling • Cedar Paneling • Drywall • Unique Patterns • Tile or Stone Using cabin kits provides no options as you must settle for only the log surfaces. Additionally, when you choose to side your cabin, you can build it with 2x6 or 2x8 walls to hold more insulation that will keep the inside warmer during the winter. Although you can choose the type of insulation that works best for the climate, you only get one thickness choice with logs in a kit. Eliminate Extra Cost All of us want to save money and feel like we are getting a bargain. Since everything comes in a cabin kit, there may be hidden costs such as paying more for some building materials that can be purchased separately at lower costs. You won’t know it because the materials won’t be on an itemized cost list. However, you will know the cost of each item when you frame a home and use log siding. No Special Designs or Alterations Needed Building a cabin with traditional stud walls and log siding does not require unexpected designs or alterations. This is important if the owner changes his or her mind about the cabin layout. Since kits don’t come with doors and windows, this can be an issue when your items don’t fit the kit design due to their availability. Make it easy on yourself by using log siding on the outside and inside of your rustic home. The Best Place to Purchase Log Cabin Siding Enjoy a one-stop-shopping experience for log cabin products by purchasing them from the LogHomeShoppe.com. We mill our own siding and paneling that is kiln dried correctly and always free of defects. We treat your orders like they are for our own cabin or home. Call us today at 800-818-9971 for a free consultation about your cabin needs.