Why a Home Built with Log Siding Is Special

Pine and Cedar Make Unique Log Homes

Record numbers of building permits have been issued nationwide in the last two years and many of them have been for log siding homes. Why are log homes still so popular today? Several reasons point this out in American’s home building trends:

  • More people want Barnwood and reclaimed wood for interior walls.
  • Our return to nature and going green lend themselves to knotty pine log siding.
  • Log siding homes give all the advantages of full logs without their disadvantages.
  • Log siding is rustic and pleasing to the eye and heart.
  • Masses of people are tiring of vinyl, aluminum, and steel siding – they are not natural.
  • Going natural is the buzzword in food, outdoor living, homes, and ways of life.

Log cabins and homes look natural in a calm, relaxing way that is just plain comfortable. Log home siding has advantages over full log homes that many of us don’t think about, like:

  • Log siding is less expensive to build with compared to full logs.
  • You get the same look with half logs or premier logs.
  • It can be installed on conventional framing.
  • Matching trim is available in pine and cedar to give the full log look.
  • Log siding is perfectly kiln-dried and hand-inspected for quality.
  • Each piece is milled to exacting dimensions for perfect joints.
  • Tongue and groove boards with end-matching are easy to install.
  • Log siding is lighter and easier to work with than full logs.
  • You don’t need to worry about insects or toxins in the wood.

You get a choice of surfaces with siding, such as smooth, hand-hewn, and pre-finished. You don’t get this with full logs. A home built with log siding is also special because the siding can be installed by you the homeowner! Learn more about the advantages of living in a log cabin.

Pine Log Siding Is the Perfect Choice for Exteriors and Interiors

Interior Log Siding Gives a Comfortable Setting

Have you ever wondered what wood is used most often for log siding? It’s pine from northern forests where select trees are grown and harvested. Pine for siding is more plentiful than other wood species and is sustainable because trees are planted on farms. Future generations will be able to enjoy log homes for hundreds of years. This is all part of today’s green movement.

Pine is also a wood that is easy to work. You can order a smooth surface or hand-hewn shown above for that rustic look. Pine siding stores well because leading millworks kiln dry it to perfect moisture content. When it arrives at your building site just let it acclimatize for a few days before installing. Even homeowners can install pine log siding by watching a video and by using simple hand tools and a compound miter saw.

Once the trim and pine log siding are installed on the exterior and interior walls you have a choice of chinking between the boards or not chinking. Either way looks great! Next, apply the stain if you want a slightly different color. When the stain dries, you apply a heavy coat of clear protectant finish. If insects concern you where you live, simply add an insect repellant in the finish and you will not have the pesky little creatures. Pine log siding and matching trim takes stain and finishes very well and it is fast and easy to apply.

“Log cabins and homes look natural in a calm, relaxing way that is just plain comfortable.”

Build That Special One of a Kind Log Home with Half Log Siding

Wood Siding Works Well For all Cabins

Half log siding is a very popular wood product for log homes. It comes in thicker and wider pieces than quarter log siding. It is priced so that anyone building a new home can afford it.

This is the style of log siding for those who want a true log home without the full log price. You will find it in a smooth or hand-hewn finish. It comes in these thicknesses and widths:

  • 3”x 6” width
  • 3”x 8” and 3”x10” widths
  • Convenient lengths

If you prefer cedar siding, you will find it in the above sizes plus 3”x 7” size. Pine and cedar look natural with a clear finish. If you want a darker color, numerous tones are available for staining. If you want to save time and effort you can even order pre-finished siding.

Half log siding is convenient and easy to work with. Each piece is uniform in thickness, width, and length and boards lock together with ease. Order trim and a corner system and install them first. Start with the bottom row, cut to length, and install with a nail gun. It’s that easy to use half log siding on the exterior and interior of your dream log home. You will enjoy reading these great ideas about why you should live in a log cabin.

What Customers Say About Our Log Siding Products

We Strive Hard to Please You

Many of our satisfied customers let us know about their experiences with our products and services. See why two of them are pleased below:

“Remember me? I’m the school teacher from New Jersey that purchased the quarter log 2×6 siding last summer. The exterior of my lake home has been completed and only the interior needs some finishing touches before we move in. We love it! Once I finish landscaping and we move in I’ll send you a “finished product” photo. Thanks once again for your help in finding the siding that was perfect for my needs.” Doug from NJ

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your organization and your products. I recently purchased 3,550 ft of your 2×8 Log Siding and 1/2 a bundle of your 2×4 cedar. The product was absolutely beautiful. I was expecting to find some unusable boards, but to my surprise, there was not a single board that was unusable – not even one that was in semi-rough shape.”

“And I do have to say that the information provided about hanging the siding is exactly right. It was a dream to work with. With the T&G on all four sides, it went up quickly and smoothly! It only took me approximately 5 days to hang all the siding (and that includes trimming out doors and windows)!!! With respect to your company, every person I dealt with was pleasant and willing to go the extra mile. The gentleman that delivered the product was pleasant, courteous, and very helpful unloading the siding. Again, I just wanted to say thank-you for everything. My house is everything I had hoped it would be!!! Thanks!” Chris from, MN

High-Quality Log Siding Is for Sale Online

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