Upgrade Your Old Cabin with Log Siding and Pine Floors

Upgrade Your Old Cabin with Log Siding and Pine Floors

Many older cabins exist all across America that are not being used because of their run-down condition. Through years of neglect, weathering, or abuse, they sit idle when they could be renovated into something special. We see this concept clearly explained and displayed in the televisions show Maine Cabin Masters.” This crew of artisans shows how to make old cabins look new at reasonable costs. You can do the same by adding Pine log siding and floors to your cabin in the woods or on the lake.

Before Upgrading With log Cabin Siding

Look After Updating an Existing Cabin With Log Siding

All it takes to accomplish the project is make a plan, find a contractor to remove the old siding and floors, order the materials, install them, and apply the stain and final finish. If you have the essential woodworking knowledge and skills, you can do much if not all the work yourself. Let’s dive into the best-looking siding, flooring, and finishing materials available so you can renovate your cabin.

Log Siding Fit for Any Style of Log Cabin

Pine is the most popular wood used for log siding because it is affordable, sustainable, and easy to install. The three favorite tongue and groove styles for you to consider are:

Quarter Log siding

Quarter log siding This economic log siding is the solution for the everyday log home, available in smooth or hand- hewn, 2×6 or 2×8 in knotty pine or cedar.

Half Log Siding

Half log siding Half log siding is the most popular log siding style. For those who want a true log home without the full log price, our half log siding is available in smooth or hewn, 3×6 or 3×8 in knotty pine or cedar. 3×7 cedar is also now available!

Premier Log Siding

Premier log siding Premier log siding has an upscale look designed for the log home enthusiast. It is available in hand-hewn only, 3×8 or 3×10 Premier Deep D in knotty pine or cedar.

Pre-finished Log Siding Is the Bomb

If you don’t want to spend the time staining and finishing your order of log siding, let us do it for you in our finishing shop. Our preference is using Sikkens Proluxe log home finishes, Perma-chink’s Ultra-2 and Ultra-7 finishes or WeatherSeal Exterior Stain & Sealant. Pre-finished exterior and interior siding provides all these advantages:

  • Pre-finished log siding saves you up to 50% compared to on-the-job-site finishing.
  • There are no delays with weather or scheduling a painter. Your pre-finished siding arrives at the job-site already sealed with protection from inclement weather.
  • The finish is applied in a controlled environment to the face, back, all edges, ends, tongues and grooves for a total all-around seal. Our application meets and exceeds all warranty requirements by the stain manufacturers.
  • You have the choice of pre-finished log siding panels Pine or Cedar. All pre-finished siding profiles come in Quarter Log, Half Log or Premier Log with either a smooth or hand-hewn look for an authentic hand-peeled look.
  • You can have the added bonus of pre-finished matching corner options that will transform any cabin into that dream log cabin when used with pre-finished log siding.

Do you want pre-finished log siding on the interior as well? No problem, we’ll finish it in a clear coat or apply the stain of your choice, then it’s just install and enjoy for a lifetime!

You Will Need Interior Log Siding and a Corner System

For a complete log cabin look, remove the old wall covering materials and replace them with interior log siding. This exciting den illustrated here shows the rustic charm and beauty of Pine log walls. The siding is fast and easy to install and yours to enjoy for generations.

Interior Siding In the Den

Butt-n-pass Corner

The butt-n-pass corner system shown here is one example of how you can create your cabin’s exterior corners. Learn more about what’s available from our mill.

Pine Floors Are a Real Winner!

Nothing says real wood in a cabin like Knotty Pine floors finished to a brilliant shine. Like log siding, pine flooring is tongue and groove and end-matched for zero waste and tight-fitting joints. It goes down with ease when you following the simple installation guidelines.

Raw Pine floor

Beautifully Finished Pine Floor

The illustration on the left shows the tongue and groove features and how the wood looks before a finish is applied. The jaw-dropping finish on the right can be obtained with our durable floor finish products. You will notice an amazing floor like this as soon as you walk in. Here are some great ideas on finishing pine floors.

Finishing Materials

Your newly renovated cabin will look like a million when you apply our stains, sealants, and clear finishes. The right products are available for your exterior and interior log siding, the corner system, and your floors. If you are not sure which products are right for your cabin and climate, talk to one of our specialists and send us an email with your questions. TIP: Learn to maintain your floors over the years for lasting beauty and durability.

Sikkens Proluxe Log & Siding Stain

Lifeline Ultra-2 Clear Topcoat

Sikkens-Proluxe BL Interior Transparent Finish

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