Panel the Heart (kitchen) of Your Log Home with Pine or Cedar

A Beautiful Knotty Pine Kitchen

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current one, think about using real wood paneling in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of most homes these days because they are being used for more purposes than just preparing and cooking food, including:

  • Entertaining family, friends, and guests
  • Sharing the food prep and cooking with others
  • Having conversations at the kitchen table
  • Doing homework or paying bills on the table
  • Watching television while seated in an open-concept home
  • Displaying items on shelves and in open cabinets
  • Stocking a wide variety of food and kitchen gadgets in a pantry

You can have a more relaxing experience in the kitchen in your log or conventional home with beautiful and rustic Pine or Cedar paneling. Use this material on the walls, ceiling, backsplashes, and an island. Learn more about the benefits of Pine paneling.

Panel Your Walls with Real Wood

The first place we typically think about when the subject of paneling comes up is installing it on the walls. Panels come in convenient sizes for any size or style of home in these packages:

Coverage Chart for each 1/4 unit Paneling knotty pine package

1 x 4 - 3/4" thick and 3-1/2"stack height....contains 220 sq. ft. and 768 lineal feet

1 x 5 - 3/4" thick and 4-1/2"stack height....contains 225 sq. ft. and 612 lineal feet

1 x 6 - 3/4" thick and 5-1/4"stack height....contains 220 sq. ft. and 512 lineal feet

1 x 8 - 3/4" thick and 7-1/4"stack height....contains 225 sq. ft and 384 lineal feet

Each cedar Paneling package breaks down as follows:

1 x 4 is 3/4" thick and 3-1/4"stack height...contains 204 sq. ft. and 768 lineal feet

1 x 5 is 3/4" thick and 4-1/4"stack height...contains 210 sq. ft. and 600 lineal feet

1 x 6 is 3/4" thick and 5-1/4"stack height...contains 220 sq. ft. and 512 lineal feet

Each 1/8 unit Barnwood Paneling package breaks down as follows:

1x8" - 3/4" thick and 7-1/4" stack height...contains 114 sq. ft. and 192 lineal feet.

1x6" - 3/4" thick and 5-1/4" stack height...contains 111 sq. ft. and 256 lineal feet.

All our paneling products are made from the highest quality Pine and Cedar trees. They are hand-inspected for defects to provide the ideal building materials at fair prices.

Paneled Backsplashes Look Amazing!

Knotty Pine Enhances Backsplash

Instead of using painted drywall or tile for your kitchen backsplashes, consider using Knotty Pine, Cedar, or Barnwood to match up with the natural look of the walls. All three varieties are available in unfinished, stained, or custom-painted varieties.

Our paneling is easy to install for all applications because it has tongue and groove features on all sides and ends. You will save up to 20% in labor and up to 20% in material waste compared to non-tongue and groove wood. The tops, bottoms, and ends of the panels lock solidly together anywhere between studs. Measure, check, and saw less for fast and easy installation.

Paneling Looks Natural On the Ceiling

A Well-Done Log Home Ceiling

Many homeowners install Pine, Cedar, or Barnwood paneling on their ceilings instead of painted and textured drywall. Our “whitewashed” pine paneling looks terrific on ceilings and adds a lighter color touch to any room.

Paneling installs the same way on ceilings as it does on walls. Put each piece in place, tap it securely, and attach with a nail gun. It’s as simple as that.

Surround an Island with Panels

Are you thinking about using an island in the kitchen? Surround it with one of our varieties of real wood panels. This piece of furniture can serve as a food preparation area, storage, and a sink if desired. There’s nothing like having some extra room to work in the kitchen, especially when 2 or 3 people are working together.

An island is even more useful when it has drawers, doors, and shelving on one or more sides and ends. Have items available in a handy place where they are out of sight until you need them. Add a beautiful countertop and you’re in business! See more ideas about using Pine paneling in this informative article.

Order the Highest Quality Pine or Cedar Kitchen Paneling Online

The is a trusted dealer in high-quality paneling products. Each piece is created by skilled craftsmen to ensure your complete satisfaction. Check our special prices going on right now that will fit your home building budget.

Don’t forget the door and window casing, trim and molding to go with your paneling. We stock many sizes and shapes to meet your needs. If you want more information about any of our products or need assistance with estimating an order, talk to one of our paneling specialists at 1-(800) 818-9971 today.

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A Beautiful Log Home Ceiling