Log Cabin Siding Is Here to Stay

Amazing Cabin Built with Log Siding

"What do you think of when someone mentions what your thoughts are about what log cabins are constructed from?" Most of us would say real wood siding or full logs. The rest would think about synthetic siding materials that look like wood such as vinyl, steel, concrete, or engineered wood. The problem with these is they are not “wood” and are lacking that natural rustic comforting feeling of real wood.

Other cabin siding materials come and go with the trends such as board and batten, cedar shakes, wide boards, or reclaimed lumber. If you want a log cabin that looks like a log cabin, go for Pine or Cedar log siding with all its advantages. This building material just won’t go away like some fad materials.

Log cabins are one of the major iconic symbols of rugged American life. It brings our minds to the pioneers, heroes like Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett. Many think about cowboys living out on the range or mountain men living in log cabins.

Wood Log Siding Is a Natural Product People Admire

Pine Trees for Log Siding

A major reason we love wood is that it connects us to nature and allows us to bring a bit of it indoors. If you like trees, you like things made from them. Wood gives us a feeling of life like flowers or blue skies and clouds. Its grain, colors, and mineral streaks add character to anything made of it. The visual texture of real wood reaches out to us like nothing else can.

Most of us like to see natural wood products finished in a clear coat. Others like to walk in forests, and still, others like to smell and watch firewood burning. You probably have a few other special reasons for admiring and loving wood you share with others.

Wood is used in home and commercial construction for many purposes, including:

  • Structural framing and rafters
  • Beams and trusses
  • Flooring and decking
  • Siding and shingles
  • Furniture and artwork

It is used because it is strong, great-looking, durable, and we love it in its many forms. When it comes to siding, Pine is sustainable, unlike many other wood species. Thousands of trees are grown on tree farms every year that provides a never-ending supply of wood for siding.

At some point in time, cabins made from hardwood and reclaimed wood will be limited. The wood is becoming scarcer and more expensive. In the future, the only way you may be able to own one of these cabins is to buy one from someone else. The thoughts of building a new one from hardwood or reclaimed wood may become a thing of the past.

Pine and Cedar Are Both Available

Raw, Unfinished Pine Siding Cabin with Finished Cedar Siding

Conversely, Pine will be around for a long time because it grows in many states. Cedar runs a close second, although it is not as readily available. Both Pine and Cedar have these benefits:

  • They are easier to mill, saw, drill, and sand compared to hardwoods.
  • Our mill supplies wood siding with tongue and groove and end-matching features.
  • Their prices are affordable for almost everyone who wants a log cabin.
  • Wood siding is secured to 2x4 or 2x6 framing like a conventional house.
  • The siding and trim can be installed by one or two people without a crane.

Our Pine and Cedar siding is dimensionally stable because we take great care in preparing and drying it. It arrives at your site with minimal flaws unlike many brands of full logs. Pine and Cedar siding gives the full log look without the full log price and drawbacks.

More Advantages of Log Siding Over Full Logs

We can’t stop here without letting you know about more advantages of log siding:

  • Compared to full logs, the material and labor costs are much less.
  • Save up to 20% in labor and 15% to 20% in material waste.
  • Log siding can be installed by the homeowner with essential woodworking skills.
  • There’s no need to end-butt the boards on studs because the joints are solid and secure anywhere on the walls.
  • The siding can also be installed on the inside cabin walls.
  • It is available unfinished, finished, and hand-hewn.

You can easily see why we sell so much of our Pine and Cedar log siding. Our customers praise our products and services. Here is one of their responses:

I love your products! Attached are photos of my house. I had the addition framing and dry-walling done by contractors. The exterior and interior I completed on my own outside of work hours with your Premium Cedar 8 siding, treated with Sikkens 077 that was included as part of a promotion. The stonework is Boulder Creek split-face Granite cultured stone. I have had many visitors (mostly carpenters) stop by and ask who did the work, and are amazed that I did it myself. Especially when they learn that I work full-time in an IT department working with software. Thanks for my beautiful home! (Sent by Brant – a happy customer)

Where to Find the Highest Quality Log Cabin Siding

In case you haven’t discovered us yet, the Log Home Shoppe is America’s leading supplier of Pine and Cedar log siding, trim, and corner systems. Order your Pine or Cedar log siding and enjoy all the benefits outlined in this blog. We also supply Pine flooring, doors, stairways, mantles, and finishing materials.

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