Have the Full Log Look with Log Cabin Siding

Consider Cedar Siding for Your Home

Log Cabin siding is the ideal way to create the full log look with less work, expense, and waste. Siding is easy to purchase, install, and finish. The amateur homeowner can do a lot of the work with simple tools and some basic carpentry experience. Using Pine or Cedar siding has some advantages over building with full logs including:

  • It’s easier to find a qualified contractor to build the home
  • Its easier to make changes, such as moving a window
  • Moving some plumbing for upgrades is simpler
  • Full logs shrink, expand, and crack much more than log siding
  • Full logs require a lot more pre-planning is necessary
  • Log siding needs much less maintenance than full logs
  • There are chances of insect infestation in the logs

Typically, building with logs requires a semi-truck to haul them in and a crane to place them. This is an added expense that many cannot afford.

Building a cabin with log siding has all of the advantages and very few disadvantages. Most people cannot tell the difference between peeled logs and siding that is hand-hewn. Lighten your building burden by using Pine or Cedar log cabin siding.

How Log Home Siding is Made and Installed

Log home siding is an innovative way to cover the exterior and interior walls of a cabin. You will find it interesting to know how the siding is created. From forest to your walls it is:

  • Made from select Pine and Cedar trees
  • The trees are debarked, trimmed and seasoned
  • The center is cut out of each log, leaving two pieces of siding
  • Each piece is cut to the same dimensions
  • Each piece is cut with tongue and groove and end matching
  • The boards are kiln-dried for proper moisture content and application of stain
  • They are stacked and stored under ideal conditions
  • The process is undertaken with precision, and great attention is paid to detail.

When your order is shipped, and you open it, you will find that each board was hand inspected for quality and defects. The tongue and groove feature locks the boards together on both the sides and ends. The end-matching system allows the boards to end butt anywhere between the studs. Unlike old-fashioned siding that needed to be cut and end butted on each stud, new log home siding is easy to install and minimizes waste.

Install Hand-hewn Log Siding 

Pine log siding is popular for some practical reasons. Good quality Pine trees are abundant compared to hardwood tree species. Pine trees are replanted on tree farms so there will be a supply of them for future generations. Pine is a lighter weight wood and easier to mill and handle the installer.

Pine log siding can be purchased in smooth and hand-hewn finishes. You can have the full log look

without the total log cost and maintenance issues. Pine is a natural choice for cabins and homes throughout the U.S. Its rustic beauty is appealing to millions of people. It knows no generation bias and can be installed on the interior walls instead of paneling.

Pine is reasonably priced so that any middle-class family can afford to use it in construction. Pine has longevity without cracking, warping, or deteriorating. Since it is affordable, many people keep their homes and build a vacation log home for weekend get-aways. This is a dream come true for anyone who likes to spend time on the lake, in the woods, or on the mountain. You can’t go wrong with a cabin or home build with pine log siding.

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Save Yourself Time and Energy with Pre-finished Log Siding

Perma-Chink Ultra 2 Stain Choices

One popular option is to use Perma-Chink Ultra 2 for your pre-finished log siding. There is a wide selection of color choices you will love shown below.

Our pre-finished log siding has many advantages and no disadvantages for your use:

  • Pre-finished log siding saves up to 50% compared to on-the-job-site finishing whether you do it or hire a painter.
  • There are no delays with weather or scheduling a painter to do the work. Our pre-finished siding arrives at the job-site already sealed with protection from inclement weather and ready to install.
  • The complete finish is applied in a controlled atmosphere to not only the face and back of the siding but on all edges, ends, tongues and grooves for a total seal on all wood siding. Our application always meets and exceeds all warranty requirements by the stain manufacturers.
  • Our pre-finished log siding panels are available in both Pine or Cedar. Choose from all our pre-finished siding profiles in Quarter Log, Half Log or Premier Log. All are available with either a smooth or hand-hewn look for an authentic hand-peeled look.
  • We pre-finish all our matching corner options that transform any home into that dream log home when used with our matching pre-finished log siding. We offer quality pre-finished wood siding, unfinished log siding panels, and other wood products at a fair price and make sure that every customer is a satisfied customer!

You can install our pre-finished log siding on the interior of your cabin or home. No problem, we’ll finish in clear coat or apply the stain of your choice, then it’s just install and enjoy for a lifetime! It couldn’t be any easier than that.

Where to Find Log Siding for Sale

We Have the Best Wood Siding Solutions

It’s easier than you might think to find high-quality log siding for sale. Everything you need is available from the LogHomeShoppe.com. This leading supplier of log home products has the siding, molding and corner systems to do a complete job. Their staff will assist in ordering the right amount of wood products. They will provide expert advice on installing the siding. An easy to understand video is available to make the work go easier.

When you need the best quality wood products for your cabin or home, don’t hesitate to contact us. You will find their prices to be competitive. Their products are guaranteed to your satisfaction. Save yourself some time and trouble by building with Pine.

Now is a great time to build that cabin or home. Log siding structures look wonderful in the suburbs, woods, or mountains. You will find sales going on right now. Get your order in now before prices go up. Your log cabin or home will become an heirloom for your children and their children. Enjoy those weekend get-aways with family and friends. Enjoy your special time as often as you can with those special people. Start it all by ordering log siding for sale from a special company. Watch this easy-to-understand video on how to install log siding.

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