Half Log Siding Creates the Perfect Log Home

A Dream-Come-True Log Cabin

If you’re in the market for a log home, think seriously about using half log siding for the exterior and interior. Its authentic look simulates full logs without the full log price and long-term issues.

It’s a much easier product to work with than vinyl, cement, stucco, drywall, or metal siding. Besides, who wants a log home that’s not made of real wood logs?

The Appeal of a Real Wood Log Home

Real wood brings nature into your everyday life in a log home. People like log homes because:

  • Nothing can compare to waking up in a log home because it’s a dream come true.

  • Looking out the window or door and seeing a beautiful lake, breath-taking mountains or hills, or a shady forest just can’t be beat in everyday life.

  • Every season of the year is the “best” season in these cozy nests.

  • Log homes are typically built in areas where the air is fresher.

  • Painting drywall is an eliminated practice with interior log walls.

  • No limits for decorating your home exist and food seems to taste better.

Assuming you will not be living within the city limits, most folks enjoy having an outdoor fire pit or kitchen for entertaining friends and family. The sky’s the limit for cooking any dish or meat you desire. Enjoy your favorite beverages on the deck while admiring nature’s scenic wonders.

You will have the style home that many people want to own or visit. Imagine all the priceless memories you’ll make over the years with them.

For the dyed-in-the-wool log homeowners, there’s nothing else to compare. What’s even more satisfying is that homeowners can install most, if not all, the siding by having fundamental woodworking skills, knowledge, and tools! Staining the logs can be applied by the homeowner, painter, or contractor.

Exterior Siding at Its Finest

Smooth-finished Log Siding Hand-peeled Log Siding

Now back to the siding that will cover your walls. Half log is American’s favorite exterior style because it simulates full logs at affordable prices. Premier D-log siding is thicker, but it costs more. Either smooth or hand-hewn log siding provides that rustic look you seek. Find it in:

  • 3” x 6” Half Log

  • 3” x 8” Half Log

  • 3” x 10” Premier Half Log

For the best results, purchase siding that is designed and manufactured for the full log look.

Window Trim Complements Walls

To make your log house complete, add siding that is virtually flawless to the interior walls. That’s what you get with our products because our team hand-inspects each piece at many points during the manufacturing process.

We produce the highest quality Cedar and pine log siding available that requires minimal maintenance.

Your walls will look beautiful because you will not see nails showing, warped material, excessive cracking or splitting. Your log home may be a cabin, cottage, small structure, or a 4,000 square foot masterpiece.

Adorning the walls with quality-made half log siding will provide that rustic and welcoming look and feel you seek. Do you want a smooth surface or an authentic hand-peeled (hand-hewn) surface?

This remarkable siding product can be used in the basement and garage, and there’s no limit to the stain colors you can use in these areas. The many benefits of log home siding are well worth your while to investigate.

“Its authentic look simulates full logs without the full log price and long-term issues. It’s a much easier product to work with than vinyl, cement, stucco, drywall, or metal siding.”

Trims and Molding for All Walls

Window Trim Complements Walls

All homes must be trimmed with appropriate trims and molding for that complete look. Your log cabin or home will typically need molding in the following places:

  • Doors and Windows

  • Under the Roof Eaves

  • Corners: Exterior and Interior

  • Interior inside and outside corners

  • Baseboards and Cabinets

  • Rails and Stairways

  • Ceilings and Kitchen Islands

Choose from among 2x6, 3x6, and 4x4 log trim for the outside in smooth and hand-hewn Cedar and Pine. Ask our staff about custom pieces not found on our website. Remember: Install the trim and molding first, and then butt the siding up against it for the interior and exterior.

If You Have a Fireplace, a Log Mantel Is a Must

Amazing Fireplace with Log Mantel

Nothing says log cabin like a well-designed fireplace of natural stone. Make it even cooler looking by adding a quality log mantel above it.

Quality half log mantels are correctly kiln dried from sold Pine wood and hand-hewn to add that natural rustic flare.

Each one has knots and plenty of character you will love. Custom scribed round-log cradles for mounting can be ordered with mantels.

The 4 most popular mantels size are:

  • 10” wide and 4’ to 6’ long

  • 10” wide and 7’ to 10 ‘ long

  • 12” wide and 4’ to 6’ long

  • 12” wide and 7’ to 10’ long

Mantels make great places to display your antiques or conversation pieces. They are available in unfinished wood or pre-finished clear lacquer for beauty and durability. Check or amazing prices and you will find you can afford one or more.

Buy from Us and Save Big Bucks

The LogHomeShoppe.com manufactures and inventories all the siding and trim you will ever need for your log home. Our work stands up to the highest standards in the log home industry to assure you of getting the best wood products available.

We stand behind everything we sell to our customers for your peace of mind. If you are still in the planning stages and have questions, talk to one of our log home specialists for the answers.

We have many years of experience guiding prospective homeowners to ordering the right materials for their dream-come-true perfect log home.

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