5 Unique Ways to Use Log Cabin Siding

Log siding is not only used for cabins and homes these days, it also has many other applications that are trending. You see it on treehouses, tiny homes, woodworking shops, basements, and home garages. Using log siding adds a rustic charm that other materials can’t provide. If you want to bring some of nature inside your structures, this is the right product.

Tree Houses Bring the Kid Out In Us

This Tree House Is Ideal Clad with
Log Siding

A treehouse is something many of us played in when we were kids and have never outgrown them. Some build them for their grandchildren and others for a little private getaway. I use mine for a type of man cave that provides a relaxing spot after a stressful day.

The treehouse illustrated here is located in a family’s backyard adjacent to a wooded area. It is large enough for a play area or a place for several people to spend the night.

Yours can be built smaller or larger and with comforts to suit your needs and wants.

It looks amazing with quarter log Pine siding and a corner system that is stained a color that blends in with its environment. The following are options you can incorporate into it:

  • Siding on the interior walls
  • A beautiful Knotty Pine floor
  • Electricity and/or running water
  • Appliances and/or a composting toilet
  • Beds or air mattresses

Add whatever floats your boat and enjoy a real look cabin look without the cost of full logs. Read this information if you’re contemplating building a tree house and spending time in it.

Tiny Houses Allow Mobility

Travel Unrestricted in a Mobile
Tiny Home

The growth of tiny homes is popularized on television shows that illustrate why people like to live off the grid or be mobile. Some self-employed homeowners also use them as their offices that go with them wherever they travel.

The home shown here has beautiful quarter log Cedar siding that adds the log cabin effect. You can elect to install the siding on either all four walls or only two to reduce weight. The metal roof adds that traditional cabin look and can be bought in a wide choice of colors and styles.

Tiny homes are quite affordable and can be built to provide the essential elements of larger homes, only with less room. This home has Knotty Cedar paneling on the inside that adds a magic touch to its interior. If you want this lifestyle, go for log siding in either Knotty Pine or Cedar. Watch this video about tiny house living. This house could be built with log siding.

“Using log siding adds a rustic charm that other materials can’t provide. If you want to bring some of nature inside your structures, this is the right product.”

Woodworking Shops Provide a Comfortable Place to Work

This Workshop Is Well Used

Some of our customers install log siding on the interior walls of their woodworking shops. This one has a vertical wood layout on the walls and is well equipped for any job. Whether you use power tools or hand tools to build or repair projects, you can make your shop more relaxing and natural-looking with wood siding and matching trims.

Choose from among these choices for your shop:

  • Pine or Cedar
  • Unfinished or pre-finished
  • Quarter log or half log
  • Hand-hewn surface
  • Stain color of your choice

Personalize your shop any way you want it with our high-quality siding products. Note: All the above choices are available for any of the structures in this blog.

Basements Can Be Used for Exercise or Entertainment Areas

It’s Easy to Install Log Siding in the

If you don’t want the ordinary, hum-drum basement, adorn it with Pine or Cedar log siding. It then becomes a comforting place for exercise, TV or video viewing, entertainment, or a bar area. It’s easy to install the siding on the walls with its unique tongue and groove end-matching system. There’s no more sawing a lot of long boards, wasting materials, and spending excess time installing it.

Depending on your budget and desires, you can put siding on one room’s walls, the entire basement, or rooms throughout the house. Customize the basement and other rooms with our wide choice of stain colors and finishes. Order all your materials at one time to save shipping costs.

If you’re not sure how much siding to order, use our cost-estimate calculator or talk to one of our siding specialists at 800-818-9971.

Garages Are Welcoming the Minute You Drive In

This Finished Garage Is Amazing

This gorgeous garage has it all with Knotty Pine log siding, stone, and a finished floor. The white ceiling and lighting add brightness to allow you to see clearly when driving in or out. The matching window trim and Pine shelf complement the interior.

Your garage will look great with quarter log, half log, or premier D-log siding. Each profile is a different thickness to meet your plans and comes in both Knotty Pine and Cedar. To save time, order pre-finished siding with your choice of stains or a clear coat finish.

We hope this information has pointed out some exciting options you can use with log siding on your property. Let us know what you need and we will go from there.

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