5 Reasons to Use End-Matched Tongue and Groove Log Siding

How Tongue and Groove Siding
Fits Together

Log cabins and log homes have become symbols of identity, independence, and living off the grid for thousands of Americans.

Over the years we have developed a fondness for them, and have seen them grow from the meager homes of heroic pioneers to status symbols.

The Swedes introduced the log cabin concept to the U.S. in the 1600s, and the German, Irish, and Scottish pioneers made them popular on the frontier in the 1700s.

From these humble starts, log cabins and log homes have moved into the suburbs and countryside all across our land.

Many of them blend old-style materials and construction methods with modern designs and conveniences. End-matched tongue and groove log siding sales are increasing every year because it has become the cabin material of choice.

Pine and Cedar are leading the way over non-wood and hardwood products for exterior and interior use.

As good-quality full logs become harder to find, their prices continue to rise. Pine and Cedar end-matched, tongue and groove boards continue as relevant choices because they are easy to install and affordable.

Thousands of people find joy living in their new log cabins and homes every year in America. You will find the following five advantages of end-matched tongue and groove siding to be a desirable bonus.

#1 – It Is the Perfect System to Join Siding, Paneling, and Flooring

Amazing Cabin Entrance Way

Tongue and groove log siding with end-matching provide the features that lock boards tightly together on both sides and ends. These benefits make working with them a pleasure:

  • They lie flat when snapped together with a minimal number of screws.

  • Easily installed over conventional 2x4 or 2x6 framed homes on the exterior or interior.

  • Log siding comes in convenient lengths, widths, and thicknesses.

  • No gluing, caulking, or chinking is needed to hold them securely.

  • Optional chinking that adds an old-time log cabin appearance is available.

  • Log siding is available in both Pine and Cedar woods.

  • It is easily stored in a smaller space than conventional 12’ to 16’ board siding.

TIP: Staining log siding is a must and check out this quick guide for doing it yourself.

#2 – Tongue and Groove Siding Saves Time and Labor

Using our tongue and groove siding saves time with less measuring and sawing when installing. Other brands of log siding or traditional wood siding without these features require splicing and butting on a stud.

This unsightly method is eliminated because our siding locks together firmly anywhere between studs.

There’s no need to pause the installation to cut the siding to length.

High-quality Pine or Cedar wood does not require cutting out knots, cracks, or other defects to obtain nice boards.

Our technicians create ideal planks at our mill and send them with your orders. You will never be disappointed with the quality of our wood products.

“Lower your costs and build the cabin faster with our high-quality log siding.”

#3 – Pre-Finished Siding Is Another Great Way to Save Time

Beautiful Hand-hewn Log Siding

Save even more time by using pre-finished log siding in your choice of an exterior or interior stain product. Here’s why you should this way of buying siding:

  • It can save up to 50% compared to on-the-job-site finishing on Pine or Cedar.

  • The finish is applied under controlled conditions to ensure perfect coats on front and back, all edges, ends, tongues and grooves.

  • You will not experience delays with weather or hiring a painter. There’s no mess to clean up and no odor to smell on the job site.

  • No need to spend time looking for and buying staining products or brushes.

  • Siding is available with a clear coat finish that is impeccable.

#4 – You Will Experience Less Waste

This Cabin Could Be Yours

Anyone can save 15% to 20% in material waste by using our log siding products. Since there is no splicing and end-butting on studs, you will make fewer saw cuts and save material.

Fewer steps in installing siding mean less wasted effort you can use to perform other tasks.

Lower your costs and build the cabin faster with our high-quality log siding. All our wood products are free from defects and are made to uniform sizes.

There’s no need to spend time sorting through them to find matching sizes, shapes, or colors. We provide a warranty on every piece of siding for your peace of mind.

#5 – End-Matched, Tongue and Groove Boards Are Affordable

You might think the extra effort put into fabricating this excellent product will run up its costs, but it won’t.

Our efficient manufacturing processes and machinery streamline the process to provide a quality product at fair prices. See our current pricing for a real bargain.

Pine and Cedar are the top choices for your new cabin. Pine log siding is a sturdy, durable, and affording exterior and interior wall material.

Cedar log siding has the same characteristics and is more moisture resistant, costs a bit more.

Take a tour through a log home built with our wood products and our mill.

If You Have the Skills, Install the Log Siding Yourself and Save a Bundle on Construction Costs.

Skilled Homeowners Completing the

For those of you with the skills and woodworking tools, consider installing the siding yourself to save additional money. Put up your cabin even faster with the help of experienced friends and family members.

The job is made easier by watching installation videos online to increase your knowledge and confidence in tackling the job.

To help you decide whether to do the work yourself or hire a contractor, here’s how it’s done.

  • Sheath the framing with plywood or OSB and place house wrap or tar paper on studs.

  • Attached the door and window trim first, then the corners, and last the log siding.

  • The siding boards are installed individually, working from the bottom up.

  • Place the first row with the tongue up and secure with appropriate fasteners.

  • Randomly stagger the end joints as you work your way up the wall.

  • Caulk only the butt joints that are not tongue and groove or end-matched.

Check out the complete instructions to make sure your do the project right. Use this Quick Siding Estimator to determine how much log siding will be needed for your project.

If you aren’t sure which wood or sizes to buy, complete our online “Contact Us” box or talk to one of our siding specialists at (800) 818-9971 today!

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