3 Paneling Woods That Turn Heads

3 Paneling Woods That Turn Heads

How Tongue and Groove Fits Together

Are you making plans for the interior of your log cabin but haven’t made the final decision yet? Tongue and groove knotty pine, barnwood, and cedar paneling are all suitable choices for that rustic and cozy log home look and feel. Knotty pine and cedar have long been favorites for interior walls, while faux barnboard is trending now.

These three paneling woods are used in log homes in every state, and their sales are booming. Impress your family, friends, and guests with walls that scream “sit down a rest awhile, and enjoy yourself.”

They will want to come back and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, as well as tell their friends about their experiences. Tongue and groove paneling is shown here in a recessed wall space. You can see how the pine panes fit together – it’s fast and easy!

Why Tongue and Groove Should Be Your First Decision

You can still buy long ¾” thick boards without tongue and groove features, but why do it when you can have high-quality panels that are easy to work with and install? 

These boards fit together tightly on both sides and ends and secure with a nail gun. Tongue-n-groove provides:

  • Highest quality hand-selected and inspected products
  • It does not need end-butting on studs like other boards.

  • Comes in convenient lengths and widths.

  • Significantly reduces measuring and cutting time.

  • Up to 20% labor savings and up to 20% less material waste.

  • Can be installed by homeowners with basic skills and tools.

Our prices are competitive year round, and you can check our sale prices now.   

Knotty Pine Paneling Sets the Standard

The most popular wood for wall paneling is Knotty Pine milled right here in our home state of Michigan. This beautiful bathroom is paneled with ¾” thick panels. Note the pine ceiling and pine door. The paneling comes with these desirable features:

Amazing Knotty Pine Bath Room

  • 4” widths

  • 5” widths

  • 6” widths

  • Unfinished

  • Finished

Each piece is milled from select Northern Pine trees with unique knots, mineral streaks, and color variations in each board. This wood species is not only rustic in appearance, but it is also easy to saw, sand, finish, and install on the walls or ceilings.

Many homeowners choose to put up panels on one or more walls in their cabins, homes, and businesses.

Finish the walls and ceilings with the right colors and you will dazzle everyone who sees them.

If you want to go natural, use faux Barnwood paneling on the walls and ceilings. This authentic-looking barnwood is made from 6” and 8” wide pine boards that are finished to give a natural weathered look.

Own it without the issues of reclaimed or salvaged wood:https://www.loghomeshoppe.com/pub/media/descriptions/3.jpg

Beautiful Barnwood Den

  • Having to saw the pieces to the desired width and length.

  • Needing to run some of the boards through a planer.

  • Smells, bugs, toxins, and odd colors.

  • Pulling nails, and throwing some boards away.

  • Spending more time installing it than tongue and groove panels.

Our milled barnwood is neat, clean, and ready to finish and install with a nail gun. This eco-friendly product is safe for you and your home. Each piece has texture and character that simulates old wood.

The panels have tongue and groove with end-matching features and are available in a wide array of colors right from our shop.

“The most popular wood for wall paneling is Knotty Pine milled right here in our home state of Michigan.”

Cedar Paneling Is Simply Beautiful

The third fantastic option is natural Cedar paneling for your walls and ceilings. Like Pine and Barnwood, our Cedar panels are a full ¾” thick and come with these options:

Gorgeous Cedar Bedroom

  • 4” widths

  • 5” widths

  • 6” widths

  • Unfinished

  • Pre-finished in 6” only

Each panel board is sawn from select Cedar trees and has an amazing aroma and more color variations than Pine.

It is also easy to saw, sand, finish, and install on the walls or ceilings. Feel free to apply any of these finishes to the color you desire:

  • Clearcoat

  • Darker color

  • White-Wash it

It’s a growing trend to white-wash cedar ceilings in bathrooms to brighten up the room. You cannot go wrong with either Cedar, Pine, or Barnwood paneling from our shop.

Pre-finished Paneling Saves Time and Effort

If you don’t want to apply a finish to the paneling or hire a painter to do the work, order pre-finished paneling to save a lot of time and effort. It will arrive ready to install, and the work will go much faster!

Our pre-finished wood panels have larger coverage or stack height per board than our competitors. Be sure to ask for square foot pricing that is better than companies that sell by the lineal foot because your coverage could be less. We use durable, high-quality finishes that don’t yellow with age and are safe for any home.

The benefits of ordering pre-finished paneling are many and include:

  • Save up to 50% of your time compared to on-site finishing.

  • Weather delays and waiting for a painter are not issues. This product arrives already sealed and finished with weather-protection.

  • Our finishing crew does a terrific job of applying finish to the face, back, edges, ends, tongues and grooves of each panel.

  • Our finishing products and applications meet and exceed all warranty requirements set forth by the stain manufacturers.

Choose Pine, Cedar, or Barnwood with a pre-finish to meet your preferences. A textured surface is available as well as a smooth surface. A wide selection of colors is available.

You Need Trims and Molding to Finish the Job

Classic Door Trim

Matching Window Trim

Ordering paneling is not enough to finish out the inside of your log cabin or home. Choose from casing, baseboard, inside corner, outside corner, ceiling trim, quarter round, cove molding, or barnwood trim. These products can be ordered unfinished or in a finished condition.

Save Big Bucks by Ordering Online

Visit our showroom in person if you live near one of them. If not, order what you need online at the LogHomeShoppe.com and receive your paneling quickly.

We stand behind everything we sell, offer outstanding service, and give you great prices year-round!

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