1-1/2" Knotty Pine Outside Corner

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Pine Outside Corner Trim
for paneling applications.

Pictured as the top piece of the 2 pieces in the photo.
1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 95" with rounded edges which face the room on the outside.

The inside of the corner measures 1" on each side of the 90° cut-out. Covers up a lot for a clean look corner!

Most will contain a knot or two to blend with the knotty pine paneling...


Pine Outside Corner Pictured Above

Nobody does the Knotty Pine like we do!

This trim is perfect for those outside corner applications. Can be installed after your paneling has been installed (hides all those short cuts.....oops!).
Actually covers 1 full inch on the inside of each side of the corners. 

Color Natural Pine
Shipping Details

Small quantities are shipped in a 4" or 6" diameter tube that adds a one time surcharge to the shipping for costs of the tubes. Shipping of small quantities will be provided by Fed-Ex Ground small package services to your doorway unless your package exceeds 150 lbs.

In that case, (over 150 lbs.) your shipment will be provided by Fed-Ex Freightways and will require you to offload from an enclosed semi truck at the foot of your driveway at roadside. Each piece weighs approximately 3 lbs.

If you also ordered paneling along with you corners, your trim will ship together with your paneling by Fed-Ex Freightways delivery as well.

You will receive a tracking number to track your delivery on the day that your order ships out. 

Manufacturer Skylinewoods
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