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Our Barnwood Paneling adds the perfect rustic touch to basements, great-rooms, bedrooms, office' name it!
At home, the cottage, the hunting lodge, or your business! Offered here in our standard barnwood weathered gray in stock and ready to ship.
The reclaimed barn wood look without the musty mold, smells, warped boards and bugs.
Other colors options are available just click on the drop down arrow to view a color swatch or scroll down the page for larger views.
Available in these great colors options here online....

Weathered Gray Barnwood
Weathered White Barnwood
Weathered Red Barnwood
Cape Cod Barnwood Collection
Canyon Ridge Barnwood Collection

Each quantity selected contains 111-114 sq. ft.

Looking for matching casing, baseboard and corners?
Trim found here!

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Looking for matching casing, baseboard and corners? Trim found here!

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Barn wood is sold here in 1/8 unit sizes. Each package covers roughly 114 sq.ft. (See below for actual coverages).
Just choose your desired quantity (example: Need to cover 456 sq. ft. with 1x8? Enter a quantity of 4 and so on).
Barn filled with barn-wood panelingWeathered Gray BarnWood Paneling in photo

Each piece of Barn Wood paneling has our unique tongue-n-groove design on the ends of the paneling boards as well as the length. With our end-matched paneling or siding there's no need to butt joints on a stud for nailing. Just let the paneling run wild past a stud and the next piece interlocks solidly in place!

What exactly is our Barn Wood Paneling???
Our authentic looking Barn Wood paneling gives you the look of old wood siding that has been weathered by the elements for many moons. Now you can have this wonderful look for the interior of your home without the hassles of using real barn wood. No moldy smells, no nail pulling, no sorting, cutting and ripping to get usable pieces. Our Barn Wood is clean, neat and ready to go! Just place and nail. It’s fast and it’s easy!

Have a room picked out yet?

How about a bedroom, the basement, a bar area, the game room or man-cave, the theater room, the garage or the pole barn? Panel the walls, ceiling or just do some wainscoting around the bottom and trim out the doors and windows. Our Barn Wood will make any room feel cozy, warm and fun!

Barnwood paneling bedroom
Weathered Gray Barnwood

The Weathered Gray is an eco-friendly product which has a water based, low VOC finish, that is safe for you and your home. The smoky dark stain with hazy silver and white undertones enhances the deep grain of the wood and gives us (you!) the wonderful rustic patina look of old barn wood. 

Barn Wood paneling is made from 1x6 and 1x8 red pine that is sawn and kiln dried at our own mill. It then goes through a special process that gives the new wood an old look with lots of texture & character. Each piece is 3/4" thick! It is also tongue and grooved on the sides and ends for continuous application which results in a 15-20% labor savings and up to 20% less material waste! 

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Each 1/8 unit Paneling package breaks down as follows:

1x8" - 3/4" thick and 7-1/4" stack height...contains 114 sq. ft. and 192 lineal feet.
1x6" - 3/4" thick and 5-1/4" stack height...contains 111 sq. ft. and 256 lineal feet.

We also offer matching trims with square edges in 1x4 and 1x5 for trimming around doors, windows, baseboard and chair rail. If a gentler, more rounded edged trim is more desirable for you, our round-over casing and baseboard is available with the same barnwood finish. It’s a breeze to work with and requires minimal experience to install. We guarantee superior quality and beauty in all of our wood products… 

Weathered Red Barnwood Paneling
1x8 Weathered Red Barnwood

Weathered White Barnwood Paneling
1x6 & 1x8 Weathered White Barnwood

Canyon Ridge Barnwood Paneling
1x8 Canyon Ridge Barnwood Paneling

Cape Cod Barnwood Collection
1x6 Cape Cod Barnwood Collection

Inside Barnwood Gray Corner Trim

Barn wood Paneling
1x3 Round Over Barnwood Gray Casing

1x5 Round Over Barnwood Gray Baseboard

Shipping Info at the tab called "Shipping Information"

This installation video can be used for Barnwood Paneling as well

For more product information and photos, visit our main informational website
(Barnwood Paneling), then stop back here to place an order or simply call one of our sales specialists - toll free at 800-818-9971.


Enjoy your paneling!

Color Natural
Shipping Details

is provided by Fed-Ex Freightways. Our company ships large quantities daily with each carrier and our shipping discounts are passed on to you the customer! For orders in excess of 1500 sq. ft., we have our own delivery service that may be the more economical choice. Please call for more info and a detailed pricing quote. (800-818-9971)

Shipping times per product below

***Call for more detailed estimated shipping timeframes***

1x6 Barnwood Weathered Gray - 1-3 weeks
1x6 Weathered White Barnwood - 1-3 weeks

1x6 Cape Cod Barnwood - 1-5 weeks
1x6 Weathered Red Barnwood - 1-5 weeks
1x6 Canyon Ridge Barnwood - 1-5 weeks
1x6 Backwoods Collection Barnwood - 1-5 weeks

1x8 Barnwood Weathered Gray - 2-4 weeks
1x8 Weathered White Barnwood - 2-4 weeks
1x8 Cape Cod Barnwood - 1-5 weeks
1x8 Weathered Red Barnwood - 1-5 weeks
1x8 Canyon Ridge Barnwood - 1-5 weeks
1x8 Backwoods Collection Barnwood - 1-5 weeks

Each order
that is shipped by Fed-Ex or XPO takes a minimum of 1-3 weeks (unless other-wise specified above), to have your paneling pulled, packaged & then shipped.  You will be provided with a tracking number at shipment so that you can get an idea of when your shipment will be arriving to schedule help or a fork lift for unloading.

How will my order arrive? IMPORTANT!!! READ ALL...
Freight Shipments are delivered by small enclosed semi-trucks to the end of your driveway at roadside. If your street/driveway is winding through the woods, not snow plowed or is inaccessible for the freight truck, your delivery might be to the nearest point of access. You can also set up off-loading with a local lumber yard in some cases. Another option is to pick your package(s) up at the local Fed-Ex Terminal by pick-up truck or trailer.

You must be able to off-load the material in a timely manner (15 minutes or less) and would require that you have adequate/able bodies on-hand (2-3) to hand unload if a fork lift was not available at your delivery location.

There are NO LIFT-GATES available on these trucks.

The drivers have many other destinations, so your cooperation is very helpful


1/8th Unit Package Sizes & Info

The 111-114 square foot packages on their own weigh approximately 495 lbs. each and are 9' long.
Packages over the 111-114 sq. ft. will still be 9' long, but will be larger and the width will never exceed 48".

Once "Multiple 1/8th Unit Packages" are purchased together on the same order, the packages will be combined together to make one single package. Up to 8 quarter units will be combined into a one full unit pallet. The same grouping for purchases in excess of 9 or more 1/8th units will occur. Once 8 of the 9 units are combined to make a full unit, the excess/extra 1/8th units will be packaged on their own or combined as described below.

(Example 1): Say (16), 1/8th units were purchased together. These would be combined into 2 full units of 8 each that will look like the image below.

(Example 2): Say (12), 1/8th units were purchased together. Then (8) of the (12) 1/8th units on the total order would be combined into 1 full unit pallet of 8. Then, the remaining 4 packages on the order of 12, would be combined to make a separate 1/2 unit pallet ([4] 1/8th units = 1/2 unit).

So, all packages (1/8th unit on up to a full unit of 8) will fit into the back of a standard pick-up truck with room between the wheel wells. Keep in mind the weight that your pick-up truck, fork-lift or trailer can handle for your size load if you are transporting these units. (Possibly picking up at the freight carriers terminal?)

(1) 1/8 unit weighs 245 lbs. including packaging for freight.
(2) 1/8 units weigh 485 lbs. including packaging for freight.
(3) 1/8 units weigh 725 lbs. including packaging for freight.
(4) 1/8 units (1/2 unit) weighs 960 lbs. including packaging for freight.
(6) 1/8 units (3/4 unit) weighs 1,390 lbs. including packaging for freight.
(8) 1/8 units (1 full unit) weighs 1,750 lbs. including packaging for freight.
***These weights are approximate***

A full unit, which consists of (8) of the 111-114 sq. ft. (1/8th unit) packages would weigh between 1650-1800 lbs. and would measure approximately 9' long x 48" wide x 32-36" high.
Pictured below are (2) full units ready for shipping.

Package of Paneling Ready for Shipment

Each driver is aware of the packages and the condition of each as you off-load. In the unlikely event that you notice any apparent damage, have the damages noted on the delivery receipt by the Driver before you sign and call The Log Home Shoppe/The Woodworkers Shoppe immediately to have your replacements sent out and to have the claim processed. You must contact us within 10 days of receipt of the damaged materials.

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