Why You Should Use Pine or Cedar Log Siding for Your Cabin

This Amazing Cabin Is Built with Wood Siding

Log cabins are hot right now, especially those using Pine or Cedar log siding. Log siding looks awesome and you can have the full log home look without the full log price. Having a choice between Pine and Cedar is icing on the cake. Whether you are building a new cabin or renovating an old one, log siding makes a perfect choice.

Log cabins are not restricted to the mountains or woods. They appear everywhere from north to south and east to west. You will find them on lakes and rivers, in the mountains, in deserts, and in the suburbs. Log siding is flexible because it is available in several thicknesses and widths and it can be stained to many different colors to fit the local environment.

The advantages of Pine and Cedar log siding over full logs are numerous, including:

  • Lighter weight to handle and no heavy, clumsy full logs
  • Tongue and groove boards with end-matching are fast and easy to install
  • Available in smooth, hand-hewn, and pre-finished surfaces
  • No cranes necessary to lift logs into place
  • Much less danger of getting hurt
  • Little wasted materials
  • Less labor required to install
  • Homeowners with basic skills can do the work
  • Less maintenance over the years

If that is not enough, log siding is more stable than full logs. Full logs expand and contract, as well as settle over the years. This sometimes cracks the chinking and some logs may need adjustment. Log siding has minimal, if any, cracking open that needs repair. Board and batten wood siding is passé these days and so are aluminum and vinyl siding.

Fiber cement siding is quite costly. Log siding has good insulation R-value and needs minimal maintenance. Either choice of Pine or Cedar log siding is a winner! Here are some more advantages of using pine wood for siding and flooring. Follow these simple steps for do-it-yourself staining and finishing Pine wood.

What Is Your Preference - Quarter Log, Half Log, or Premier Log Siding?

A discussion on the styles of log siding will be helpful. One or more of them will fit any budget or project. Each style comes with tongue and groove and end-matching joinery. The siding clicks together on the tops, bottoms, and ends to make tight-fitting joints. You no longer need to end- butt the boards on studs. The joints are strong enough to connect anywhere between studs.

Quarter Log Siding

Quarter log siding is the most economic log siding solution for the everyday log home. It is available in smooth or hand-hewn surfaces. Quarter log comes in 2×6, 2×8, and 2x10 in knotty pine or cedar. Check out the spring sales going on now.

Half Log Siding

Half log siding is the most popular log siding style. Choose this style if you want a true log home without the full log price. Order it in smooth or hewn-surfaces. Knotty Pine and Cedar is available in 3×6, 3×8, and 3x10. Cedar now comes in the 3x7 size. Half log is also on sale.

Premier Log Siding

Premier log siding is for the log home enthusiast who wants an upscale look with log siding. Premier is available in hand-hewn only in 3×8 or 3×10 Premier Deep D in knotty pine or cedar.

Hand-hewn (peeled log) Siding Is Another Viable Choice

Hand-hewn Log Siding For Sale

Hand-hewn (peeled log) log siding is an option that gives that natural, log home appearance and atmosphere. It is milled in an exclusive process that looks like it was hand-cut with an axe by skilled pioneers. You can see how authentic it looks in this illustration. When ordering, ask for this version instead of smooth-finished log siding.

Pre-finished Siding Is a Real Time-Saver

Our milling company makes log siding with your choice of an exterior or interior stain product in our facility to complement its natural beauty. Pre-finished wood can save you up to 50% compared to on-the-job site finishing. This type of siding offers more benefits:

  • No delays because of weather or humidity
  • The finish is professionally applied in a controlled environment
  • There is no waiting for a painter to show up
  • The tough finish is applied to all edges, sides, and ends
  • It is ready to install upon arrival.
  • Corner options are available pre-finished

Our professionals use Sikkens Proluxe log home finishes, Perma-chink Ultra-2 and Ultra-7 finishes, and WeatherSeal Exterior Stain and Sealant. Our log siding panels are available in Pine and Cedar in popular sizes and at fair prices. If you want pre-finished log siding on the interior of your cabin we will finish it in a clear coat or apply the stain of your choice. It’s that easy!

You have enough choices to make the job easier and faster: Quarter, Half, or Premier log siding, hand-hewn, smooth, and pre-finished log siding

Reduced Prices Are Available for a Limited Time

Our Pine log siding is currently on sale at terrific prices. Hurry before they change so you can get more building material for the money. All products on sale are the same high-quality as always and guaranteed to please.

“Hand-hewn (peeled log) log siding is an option that gives that natural, log home appearance and atmosphere.”

Order High-Quality Log Home Siding Online for the Best Value

The Log Home Shoppe Has High-Quality Siding

Order the highest quality log home siding online for the best value from the Log Home Shoppe. While you are browsing the website you will notice this company has a full line of log home products from siding, paneling, corner systems, trim, and finishes. Find everything you need in a one-stop shopping experience.

Feel free to ask their team of experts any questions relating to their products and services. You will find their advice to be spot on for your log cabin or home. You have a few decisions to make before ordering:

  • Pine or Cedar siding
  • Quarter, Half, or Premier D siding
  • Type of surface: smooth, hand-hewn, or pre-finished
  • The corner system, molding, and trim
  • Doors, flooring, and accessories

Each product is made to exacting standards, properly kiln-dried, and hand-inspected for defects. Find all of it including log home siding in one place.

You need trim to complete your siding project and we make and stock what you need.

  • Casing
  • Crown Molding
  • Baseboard
  • Inside & Outside Corners
  • Ceiling Trim
  • Quarter Round
  • Barnwood Casing & Trim

Pine Floors are Ideal for Mobile Homes

In case you are shopping for Pine flooring, look at what we have. This floor could be yours!

Our Knotty Pine flooring is just what you need for kitchens, bedrooms, great-rooms, and dens at home, the cabin, hunting lodge, or your business. Our pine flooring is tongue-n-groove and end-matched (tongue-n-groove on the ends!) for zero-waste.

It is sold in 1/4 unit sizes (each package covers 220 sq.ft.). Just choose your desired quantity (ex: Need to cover 440 sq.ft.? Enter a quantity of 2 and so on). That's just $2.15 a square foot!

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