When Your Project Needs Half Log Siding

Half log siding is a very versatile building material. It has many applications for residential, commercial, and state park uses. You’ve seen log siding on many buildings including:

  • Homes, workshops, and garages
  • Businesses: Gift shops and outdoor stores
  • State Parks: Dining areas and gift shops
  • Industrial: Wholesale company showrooms and offices

                                                       This Log Cabin Is Truly Amazing

You can extend this growing trend to your building project – large or small, cabin or mansion. Half log siding is here to stay, and we will explore it more in detail in this article.

What is Pine Half Log Siding?

Pine half log siding is created from the trunks of pine trees. After felling the trees, workers strip the bark off, and smooth the trunk. The trees are then cut to length and sorted according to the trees’ diameters. From here, the sides of the trees are sawed from one end to the other. This produces pieces of siding that are flat on one side and curved on the other side.

The centerpiece of the logs can also be used as siding.  When installed, the rounded side mimics the appearance of full logs. Pine half log siding comes in several widths and thicknesses to meet your building plans:

  • 3” thick and 6” wide
  • 3” thick and 8” wide
  • 3” thick and 10” wide

The last item is called Pine Premier log siding. It costs more than the other two but gives a fantastic log look. Additionally, you have a choice of smooth or hand-hewn surfaces. Half log siding provides the full log appearance without the full log price and drawbacks. Check our current prices that should fit your building budget nicely.

Cabin Siding Made from Pine is a Log Cabin Owner’s Dream

If you’re looking for the perfect material for the exterior and interior of your log cabin, you can’t go wrong with Pine log siding. It’s the right combination of beauty, durability, and affordability. Cedar and hardwood siding is also rustic looking but are not as economical as Northern Pine.

“For those of you who need to get your cabin up faster, consider ordering pre-finished log siding.”

Log cabins have been built out of pine for centuries in America and European countries. Pine is more plentiful than other woods because these trees are planted in sustainable forests Additionally, pine can be shaped as it grows to eliminate some knots and burls. This procedure makes better logs for siding and paneling. Pine log cabin siding works well in any climate in the U.S. Find out how easy it is to install log siding on your cabin.

Tongue and Groove Half Log Siding is Ideal for Woodworkers

Half Log Siding with Smooth Finish

How Half Log Siding Fits Together

Here is an illustration of half log siding in case you are not familiar with it. Notice how the pieces fit together on both sides and ends. The benefits of this construction include:

  • Solid, tight-fitting joints all the way around the boards
  • They lock together between studs. There’s no need to nail on studs.
  • Each piece becomes perfectly flat when installed.
  • These features makeinstallation fast and easy.
  • Log siding can be installed on conventional wall framing.
  • Save up to 20% on labor and enjoy up to 20% less waste.

Half log siding has a bold and sturdy 1/2″ tongue-n-groove and end-match system. There isn’t a stronger single tongue and groove system available. Our half-inch tongue and groove log siding leaves no exposed nails or screws, eliminates excessive labor, and reduces material waste.

We estimate that our half log wood siding saves you 20% over ship-lap and other tongue and groove sidings, and giving a true log home look. The preceding photos of siding display a smooth finish, while that below has a hand-hewn finish. 

They both come in raw wood or pre-finished wood to save time and effort. Take your pick – either one is a winner you will be proud to have! Hand-hewn Log Siding

Homeowners can install half log siding with fundamental carpentry skills and simple tools. If you prefer to hire a carpenter and a painter, you will find they will enjoy working with our high-quality wood products. Each board is precisely cut and surfaced to be defect-free.

There’s no need to sort through them for straight and uncupped boards. If you are looking for a convenient way to have the log siding look, half log siding is the way to go. It’s easy to learn how to install siding with a well-done video.

Consider Cedar Log Siding As a Second Option

A Cedar Siding Home for the Ages

If you want a little more color and moisture resistance in your log siding, consider cedar as a second choice. It will cost a little more, but many homeowners prefer it because of its insect resistance and delightful aroma. Cedar is available as quarter and half log siding for exterior and interior use. Take a look at the rich color in this cabin.

Wouldn’t you agree anyone would be happy to own a cabin like this? Its rustic appearance is pleasing to the eye and presents a down-home feeling. Cedar trim, corner systems, and paneling are available to match the log siding. Add Pine flooring and decking and stain them a cedar color and you have perfection. Either Pine or Cedar log siding provide a cozy and welcoming look to any cabin.

Want to Save Time? Go with Pre-finished Siding

For those of you who need to get your cabin up faster, consider ordering pre-finished log siding. Here’s why you should think about this material:

  • Save up to a whopping 50% compared to finishing the siding yourself.
  • Weather doesn’t get in the way because we apply the finish in our environmentally controlled facility. It arrives at your building site dry and ready to install.
  • Our craftsmen apply the finish to the face, back, and ends of the planks and tongues and grooves for superior protection.
  • You can also order quarter log, premier log, and hand-hewn completely finished.
  • Trims, molding, and corner systems can be purchased pre-finished.
  • We apply exterior and interior stain to our log siding panels. We typically use Sikkens Proluxe, Perma-Chink’s Ultra-2 and Ultra-7, or WeatherSeal Exterior Stain and Sealant.

We have many colors available, not just the most popular ones, for your preferences.

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