When Your Project Needs Half Log Siding

An Amazing Cabin with Half Log Siding

Half log siding is the preferred style for all log cabins and log homes. It’s an economical option that is much less expensive than using full log construction. Pine and Cedar half log siding is ideal because:

  • It is readily available from leading millworks.
  • Half log presents the full log look and feel.
  • Half log siding is easy to handle, saw, and install.
  • It is an ideal material for workshops and out-buildings.
  • Half log comes in smooth or hand-hewn finishes.
  • It can be installed on conventional house framing.
  • Convenient sizes in 3x6, 3x7, 3x8, and 3x10 are available.

Half log siding is the perfect material for a new cabin or an older one that needs refurbishing. Thousands of cabin owners are making the switch from full logs to log siding because it costs much less and is easier to build the structure. You get the authentic rustic look that is homey inside and outside. Watch for sales on Pine and Cedar siding and you can save a bundle of money.

Benefits of Pine and Cedar Half Log Siding

Tongue and GrooveBoards Fit Tightly

Family and Dining Roomwith Half Log Siding

Half log’s benefits make it worth using any time of the year. Rainy and muddy weather is no time to use a crane to lift heavy full logs. Installing half log siding only requires one or two people and can be put in place year-round. There are other benefits of using this type of exterior and interior wall covering including:

  • Both knotty pine and cedar siding are available.
  • It is engineered and designed for easy installation.
  • Its design results in minimal waste and measuring.
  • The boards come with tongue and groove features.
  • The siding also has the end-matching system.
  • You will enjoy substantial cost savings on materials and labor.
  • Leading millworks offer only the highest quality wood products.

It’s easy to see the tongue and groove, end-matching system, in this photo. The interior siding in the dining and family room above shows how neatly the boards fit together. Just measure, saw when necessary, and nail up the siding. It’s that easy to do the work yourself.

Don’t stop reading now because there are more benefits of well-made siding. Once you understand all of them, you will no longer buy cheap or inferior wood products from a home improvement store or lumberyard. There’s no need to settle for siding that is cupped, crooked, split, or missing the knots.

  • The best mills use only select quality pine and cedar trees for siding.
  • Each piece is correctly kiln-dried to the perfect moisture content.
  • All siding boards are hand-inspected to ensure there are no defects in your orders.
  • The tongue and groove system requires less maintenance than other products.
  • Face nailing and caulking between joints are not necessary.

You will find corner options, trim, molding and more from the same log product dealer. Use log siding on the interior and get the feel of bringing nature inside your cabin or home. Both half log and quarter log siding are installed the same way.

Unfinished or Pre-finished Siding – That Is the Question

Pre-finished Butternut 072 Stain

Pre-finished Natural 078 Stain

Do you prefer to apply the stain and finish to siding or let the millwork do it? There are advantages to both ways. Here is how most homeowners look at it. If you enjoy staining and painting, then by all means, order raw, unfinished half log siding. You may find more options in stain colors than the wood products dealer has to offer. You can take your time as well as stain different rooms different colors. Follow this option if you have the time and necessary skills to do the job.

If you want to save time and enjoy a professional job, let the millwork apply finish to the siding. The finishers have many colors of stains and clear finishes from which to choose. Consider that the professional finishers will use only the finest and most suitable finishes for your climate. The stain will be expertly applied with no runs or spots. It will be dry when your order arrives, and you will have no smelly mess to clean up at your cabin’s job site.

Add Matching Molding and a Corner System

Vertical Corner System

Matching trim for doors, windows, corners, ceilings, chair railings, and baseboards is available for the exterior and interior of your cabin. A variety of shapes and sizes provides the perfect choices to meet your needs. Pine D trim in 3x4 and 4x4 sizes are ideal for trimming out your doors and windows. Finish the trim yourself or order it pre-finished in a variety of colors in our finishing shop.

The easiest way to trim the corners is with 6” or 8” vertical Pine or Cedar boards. Other configurations are available for an authentic log home look if you prefer them.

“If you want to save time and enjoy a professional job, let the mill work apply finish to the siding.”

Where Can You Find High-Quality Half Log Siding for Sale?

Our Log Home Shoppe Mill

This is an easy question to answer. Order your siding and other wood products from America’s leader – the Log Home Shoppe in Comins, Michigan. We are a one-stop shopping experience for all of your log cabin needs and complementary products. Our award-winning manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art that produces the finest log cabin building materials available.

We offer both exterior and interior wood products for any style or size cabin. Exterior items include log trim, corner systems, log railings and stairs, stains, and weather sealings.

For the Interior, you can select siding, paneling (knotty pine, cedar, and barnwood), knotty pine flooring, and decking. Finish up your cabin with our wood doors, stairways, railings, log mantles, beam covers, and log trusses. It’s easy to see our company has it all.

Check out all our products and sales online. Now is an excellent time to plan, order, and build that dream log cabin or home. Give yourself a priceless gift for the new year that your family and friends can enjoy for generations.

We offer only the finest building and finishing materials for your cabin or home. Our prices are fair and we treat your orders like they were for our own cabin. We will assist you with ordering the right amount of siding and trim and provide a free estimate of all costs.

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