Refurbish Your Old Cabin with Log Cabin Siding

Refurbish Your Old Cabin with Log Cabin Siding

Popular television shows like Maine Cabin Masters have generated a lot of renewed interest in refurbishing old cabins. Many owners want to upgrade to a log cabin that looks natural in a wooded setting or on the lake. You can see the rustic difference between this old cabin and its restoration shown here. Log cabin siding provides the real log look without the full log price.

“Before” Log Siding

“After” Log Siding Restoration

Quarter log siding was used to replace the flat wood in this marvelous transformation. Log siding can be used to replace any of the following materials on old structures:

  • Board and batten wood

  • Aluminum siding

  • Cedar Shakes

  • Vinyl and stucco

  • Synthetic stone

It is necessary to remove all of the old siding material before the installation of the new. Any degraded insulation must also be taken out and replaced with new batt or spray foam. You may be able to recycle the old material for other uses or perhaps sell some of it to recoup the cost of new siding.

Why Homeowners Replace Old Cabin Siding

There is more than one reason to renovate the exterior and interior of an old cabin including:

  • Deteriorated or damaged siding

  • Insect infestation, presence of toxins, moisture damage

  • Sun and weather have caused sidingdiscoloration

  • It’s time for a change to keep up with log siding trends.

  • You may want to upgrade the cabin before selling it.

Many old cabins have fallen into disuse or deteriorated. Renovating your cabin gives it a new lease on life so you, your family, or friends can use it more often. Getting away from it all on a weekend in a log cabin provides mental and emotional benefits. Spending a couple of nights is relaxing and helps to remove the stress created at work.

Let nature and wildlife be part of your day each time you stay in the cabin and enjoy all the benefits of fresh air. Take a walk in the woods to help create a peaceful mood. Adding quarter log or half log siding to both the exterior and interior of your cabin makes it look new again. If the space is large enough, you may even want to move into it full-time. 

You can stain log siding with durable colors that range from light to dark hues. 

The wood products’ company that sells you the siding will also have sealants, stains, finishes, chinking, and caulking to meet your needs. There are endless things you can do to upgrade your “old” cabin.

The Interior Becomes Warm and Cozy with Siding

Inside Renovation

Exterior Restoration

The interior of this large cabin is renewed with log siding, knotty pine flooring, and knotty pine doors. The plain drywall has taken on a new character by replacing it with some of nature’s finest wood materials. The cabin now resembles a lodge in the woods or mountains.

All it lacks is a few trophy-sized fish mounted on the walls. Log siding looks as enticing on the inside as it does on the outside of a cabin or home. You can also enhance the atmosphere with either a large hearth fireplace or a wood-burning stove. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of a real fire and enjoying your favorite beverage.

Notice the beams in the “after” photo. Beams and mantles made from knotty pine add that special touch that takes us back in time to simpler days.

Plain Looking White Drywall

Log Siding and Beams Add a Rustic Touch

The owners of this cabin used a clear finish on the siding instead of a colored stain to provide a brighter, airier atmosphere. They installed matching pine trim and molding to give a finished look to every room. Imagine yourself walking into this beautifully renovated space and admiring it day after day.

“Adding quarter log or half log siding to both the exterior and interior of your cabin makes it look new again.”

Save Time with Pre-finished Log Siding

For those of you who want less work in getting your cabin up faster, think about pre-finished log siding. Here’s why you should buy this material:

  • Save up to a whopping 50% compared to finishing the siding on-site.

  • Weather, humidity, and dust don’t get in the way because we apply the finish in our environmentally controlled facility. The siding has plenty of time to dry before It arrives at your building site ready to install.

  • Our finishing shop team applies the finish to the face, back, and ends of the planks and tongues and grooves for superior protection from the elements.

  • You can order quarter log, premier log, and hand-hewn siding completely finished.

  • Trims, molding, and corner systems can be purchased pre-finished in many colors.

  • We apply exterior and interior stain to your log siding. We typically use Sikkens Proluxe, Perma-Chink’s Ultra-2 and Ultra-7, or WeatherSeal Exterior Stain and Sealant for the best year-round protection.

You might say pre-finished log siding has it all beat. We have many colors available, not just the most popular ones, for your preferences.

Where to Find High-Quality Siding and Wood Products

The Log Home Shoppe has been supplying high-quality log siding, wood products, and stains to cabin owners for more than a decade. Our siding and paneling are hand-inspected for defects so that you receive only the finest products available. We supply all of the following:

  • Wood products

  • Stains and Sealants

  • Tools and Fasteners

  • Log Home Décor

We mill all of our own log cabin products using the highest standards in the industry. Everything we make is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. Here is a more detailed list of products:

Our Comins, Michigan Facility

  • Siding and paneling

  • Trim and molding

  • Half log mantles|

  • Flooring and doors

  • Pine and Cedarwood

  • Stains, caulking, cleaners

  • Fasteners, tenon-cutter kits

  • Wood Switchplates

  • Lighting fixtures

  • Wall décor

You can see from the size of our production facility we are a major producer of log cabin building materials. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality log cabin and log home products available. Call (800) 818-9971 toll-free to talk to one of our customer service team members.

We will assist you in planning your log cabin renovation and with a free estimate of materials needed to complete the job.

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