Perma-Chink Chinking (5 Gallon)

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Since 1981, Perma-Chink Log Home Sealant has proven itself on thousands of chinked and chinkless style homes to become the most widely applied chinking in the world. It's simply the best chinking by every measure: longevity, appearance, performance and ease of application.

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Perma-Chink is a flexible and textured log home chinking that seals the open gaps between logs to eliminate heat loss and air infiltration. Even though it looks and feels like traditional mortar, it's not. Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic that adheres to logs and stretches to maintain a tight seal by following log movement. Like all of Perma-Chink products, Perma-Chinking is easy to apply and comes backed by the support of our knowledgeable of our friendly staff. When you use Perma-Chink, helpful advice is never more than a phone call away. Application can be done by the homeowner or a professional contractor.

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Areas to Use Perma-Chink:
• On the Interior and Exterior.
• On chink-style log homes and to replace old, crumbling mortar on older and historic log homes.
• To create a chinked look on a wood sided surfaces such as our log siding. 

Application Methods:
• Chink Pump.
• Bulk-loading gun and follow plate available here.
• Application bag.
• Single Caulking Tubes 

Measuring Your Chinking Project:
• The width and the cumulative length (linear feet) of the gaps or joints that you want to seal are the 2 measurements that you'll need.
• Width: If the chink joint is on a squared log, it is the distance between gap of the upper and lower log surfaces. With a round log chink joint, you first have to insert a length of proper size backer rod and measure the distance between the top and bottom logs about 3/8 of an inch in front of the surface of a backer material such as Grip Strip
• Figuring the Cumulative Length: Start by measuring the length of the wall. Then count the number of joints between all the log rows that you need to seal. When you multiply these two numbers together you have the total linear feet of sealant needed for that wall.
• The depth is an average depth across the joints.

Chinking Application Tools:
• Application bags, caulking gun or bulk loading caulking gun.
• Follow plate for bulk loading gun. Click for the Tapered Follow Plate.
• Clean rags for wiping down log your surfaces for any spills, runs and for cleanup.
• Spatulas that are close to the width of the finished seam.
• Masking tape can be used to mask off areas.
• Utility knive for trimming backer-rod.
• Adhesive (such as 3M™ 77) for installing backer-rod.
• Spray/mist bottle (use water with a few drops of soap as a release agent).
• Sheets of heavy plastic or drop clothes to protect against spills and drips.
• Closed Backer-Rod in appropriate sizes, or other backing materials such as EPS Foam or Grip Strip.
• Adequate quantity of chinking/caulking.

Preparation Instructions:
• Before starting, inspect the installation of backing materials. 
• Fill gaps with backing material or cover with tape. 
• Clean wood surfaces along the seam and are free of oils or waxes to insure proper adhesion.

Drying Time:
• Skins over in 1-2 hours.
• Cures in 2-8 weeks depending on humidity and temperature.
• Apply in temps - 40° to 90°

Material Safety Data Sheets:

Clean Up:
• Warm soapy water before the chinking dries.

Perma-Chink Coverage Chart

Application Steps for Perma-chink Chinking


Fill log gaps with appropriate sized backer rod before applying sealant.


Apply Perma-Chink log chinking over backer rod.


Mist with water to make tooling sealant easy and smooth.


With light pressure, slide flat-bladed tool along sealant to smooth and ensure adhesion to logs.

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