Paneling or Log Siding – Which Is Best for Your Log Home’s Interior?

What will you use for walls inside your new or renovated log home this year? Out of all that’s available, today’s favorites are real wood paneling and log siding. The decision is a matter of choice, and what’s on the outside walls of your home or cabin. Rustic Pine and Cedar are ideal for the exterior, while Pine, Cedar, and Barnwood paneling is perfect for the interior.

Knotty Pine Paneling Pine Log Siding

Some homeowners elect to combine natural stone on the outside of their homes and on the inside to surround the fireplaces. Although that combination is appealing, it’s a simpler process to only use siding or paneling to eliminate the stone masonry work. A further look at all these options will help you make the right choice.

The Many Benefits of Knotty Pine, Cedar, and Barnwood Paneling

All of these woods are standouts in log homes and cabins because of their natural beauty and rustic charm. Descriptions and images of these three options will help with choosing the right one or ones for your home’s needs. All of them can be stained and/or finished with a clear coat of durable and attractive material. Knotty Pine is a beautiful and traditional wood for wall panels for cottages, cabins, homes, and many retail stores. Its ample supply of knots and color striations adds the perfect touch to walls, ceilings, trims, and molding. The home pictured here has knotty pine installed for all these purposes, and also has a pine floor. Both Red Pine and White Pine are available in sizes that are easy to install.

Knotty Pine Paneling

Cedar Wood is similar in appearance to Knotty Pine, except it has more reddish-brown color variations. You may be familiar with it as linings in closets and cedar chests. It looks even better on the walls and ceilings and as trim. Cedar is more expensive than Knotty Pine, but its rustic appearance is worth the extra cost. This bedroom looks amazing, and would make a great addition to any log home or cabin.

Cedar Paneling

Barnwood (faux) is a milled and processed simulation of old reclaimed and recycled wood from barns, houses, and other structures. It’s available in a smooth or weathered lumber look surface. Its price is affordable and similar to that of Knotty Pine. When you want the ultimate in rustic or painted walls,faux barnwood is for you.

Barnwood Paneling

All three varieties of paneling come with tongue and groove with end-matching features that make it fast and easy to install. It saves up to 20% in labor time and up to 20% in material waste. Many homeowners find it’s fulfilling to install their own paneling on the walls and ceilings.

Log Siding Is Another Perfect Option on Interior Walls

If you want the complete log home look inside and out, use Pine or Cedar log siding. Both woods are available in half log and quarter log styles. They differ in thickness and widths, while lengths are standard sizes, typically 8 feet long. Log siding also comes with the tongue and groove with end-matching features that make installation an easier job. Log siding on both the interior and exterior walls with insulation between themhas a high insulation R-value. You will save money on heating and cooling bills with this combination. Hand-peeled or hand-hewn log siding is a third option that looks like authentic full logs. The trims and molding are put up around doors, windows, and off-sets before installing the siding. A miter saw, drill, level, and long screws are essentially all that are required to do the job. Like installing paneling, log siding can be installed by the homeowner with fundamental woodworking knowledge and skills. Our log siding is unsurpassed for quality and durability because each piece is specially crafted from select trees. Each log is cut to exacting dimensions, kiln dried for moisture content, and hand-inspected for quality. Don’t settle for lesser quality siding from lumber yards or DIY stores when you can have the best at affordable prices.

Choose Between Raw Wood and Pre-finished Paneling and Log Siding

Choose the amount of effort you want to put into the project yourself or for your builder. Panels and log siding can be ordered unfinished or pre-finished in many colors of stain and a clear coat or coats of your choice. Save time, money, and cleaning up a messy area when you order the paneling or siding already finished and ready to install.

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