Log Siding Is the Rage in Log Homes

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Alaskan TV shows and flipping homes programs have brought log siding and log homes to the forefront of the construction industry. Not only are thousands of people building new log siding homes, just as many are replacing their current exterior coverings with log siding. Full log homes are losing ground to log siding because log siding construction costs are much lower and its maintenance needs less work.

There are many options in choosing log siding for homes, cabins, and commercial buildings. Home and business owners also think about these other wood products:

This blog concentrates on siding for the exterior and interior wall coverings.

This Pine Log Siding Home Is Fabulous

Of all materials for exterior siding, pine log siding takes the lead. Full logs have been popular for a long time and using pine siding is a natural extension and follow up. Pine log siding is a good combination of affordable cost and durability. It does not require a lot of annual maintenance like full logs. You can avoid most of the shrinkage and cracks in full logs with popular siding.

Pine siding is cut from logs by removing the outside section and the center of the log remains for other uses. The two pieces look just like full logs with rounded edges. They are cut for thin, medium or fuller-looking pieces. They are expertly kiln dried to provide trouble-free siding.

Cedar Log Siding is Catching On

Cedar Log Siding is Phenomenal

Cedar log siding is catching on because it is more resistant to moisture, insects, and worms compared to other wood species. Its unique aroma and color add addition beauty and charm to a home. Pricing is a little higher than pine siding and it’s nice to have a choice for your home.

Both cedar and pine log siding are available with a smooth face or an authentic hand-peeled look also called hand-hewn. The advantages of cedar and pine siding are:

  • No face nailing
  • No caulking between joints
  • No waste
  • No warped material
  • No cracking or splitting

Cedar and pine come with a unique tongue-and-groove ending matching design that allows the edges and ends to lock together. You no longer need to cut them to end butt on studs.

“Look no further than your digital device or phone for a nice selection of exterior and interior siding.”

Half Log Siding Looks Just Like the Real Thing

Hand-hewn Log Wall

Once you choose between pine and cedar siding you need to think about the thickness of the boards. Half log is the most popular on the market today. It’s a great combination of cost and the real log look. Most dealers supply it in smooth and hand-hewn finishes. It comes in 3x6, 3x7, 3x8 and 3x10 thicknesses and widths to meet your personal tastes.

This siding can be stained and finished with a clear coat or finished without stain. Many colors of stain can be found online and at our walk-in outlets. It will pay in the long run to use the best grade of stain and finish you can afford.

Smooth finished log siding is not the only game in town. Another option that looks more natural and homey is hand peeled or hand-hewn logs. They are available in both Cedar and Pine log and are perfect for cabins, cottages, and other structures. They transform a skeletal framework structure into a rustic and relaxing place to live or work.

Hand Peeled siding works on exterior walls, interior walls, and corner systems. If you want an authentic look and feel, you can’t go wrong with these artistically made logs. Use them for some or all walls inside your house and enjoy their aesthetic and tranquil benefits.

Although some people use clapboard or shipboard siding on their exterior walls, the trend is fading into the past. Wood is in the “in” thing now, more so than stone, brick, concrete, steel, or vinyl imitation siding. Pine log siding is sustainable, which is a plus for those of you who are “green” minded. The trees are grown on carefully planned tree farms in the north and northeast states and harvested into high-quality wood siding.

Hand-hewn siding is made from real wood logs that give their authentic appearance. The bark is removed, and the logs are fashioned with our exclusive process to look like they were hewn with an axe or other hand tools. By using them, you’ll think you’ve taken a trip to the past in the ‘way-back’ machine. During the millwork process, the technicians will hand inspect each and every piece for the highest quality craftsmanship possible, as shown here.

Every step is taken to ensure these siding logs conform to our company’s and the industry’s highest standards of wood quality and workmanship. We take no shortcuts in producing them to your expectations for your cabin, cottage, or home. They are made in convenient lengths, widths, and thicknesses to meet your preferences. Read more about the D-log style siding and corner systems in this informative article.

Interior Log Siding Makes the Job Complete

This Log Siding Interior Could Be Yours

Make your log home complete with interior log siding. Instead of drywall or paneling think about interior siding as a complement to the exterior log siding. Nothing provides the beauty and warmth of real wood as a wall covering. It’s as cozy as it is affordable. You can choose between quarter log, half log, and premier log styles. They go from 2” to 3” thicknesses and from 3” to 10” widths.

There is a size for every room and décor in the home. You have a choice of pine or cedar. This product is also commonly used in the renovation of basements, great rooms, and study rooms. You can live in a log home both inside and out. Thousands of people love being surrounded by nature’s wood and so can you. Don’t forget the exterior trim and corners to match.

Log Siding for Sale on Line from a Leading Dealer

Look no further than your digital device or phone for a nice selection of exterior and interior siding. Your friends at the LogHomeShoppe.com will be glad to discuss their extensive line of log home and log cabin wood products. All products carry a warranty and exceptional pricing that most people can afford.

Why should you buy exterior/ interior siding from us? Buy for these straight forward reasons:

  • Each piece is cut from select trees to ensure quality.
  • Boards are properly kiln dried under controlled conditions.
  • Each piece of siding is hand-inspected to be free of defects.
  • All orders carry a customer satisfaction warranty.
  • Our staff provides expert advice to meet your needs.
  • You order will ship to your site of choice.

Build that home of your dreams or remodel your existing one with nature’s finest siding. Here’s a great way to figure how many square feet of siding you need.

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