Knotty Pine Casing ( Prefinished Round Over )

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To compliment our knotty pine paneling....what else?, Trim!
Offered in 4 unique styles to choose from made from the same knotty pine. Sold in 95" lengths for best shipping reliability.

Unfinished or already prefinished Clear Coat in the Round-Over and Colonial styles of casing & baseboard only.

Other Styles of Knotty Pine Casing

(Unfinished Round Over) - Purchase Here
(Unfinished Colonial) - Purchase Here
(Prefinished Colonial) - Purchase Here
(Unfinished Triple Bead) - Purchase Here


Nobody does Knotty Pine like we do!

Looking to trim out a door or window with casing?
Sold in 95" lengths

When measuring for windows and doors, add about 6" inches to each length to compensate for your miter cuts.

All casings are 3/4" thick
All baseboards are 5/8" thick

All sizes below.....

Round Over Casing & Baseboard
Round Over casing is 2-3/4" wide, matching baseboard is 4-1/2" wide

3 Bead Casing & Baseboard

Triple Bead casing is 2-3/4" wide, matching baseboard is 4-1/2" wide

Colonial Casing & Baseboard
Colonial casing is 2-1/4" wide, matching baseboard is 3-1/2" wide


Color Natural
Shipping Details

Small quantities are shipped in a 4" or 6" diameter tube that adds a surcharge to the shipping for costs of the tubes. Shipping of small quantities will be provided by Fed-Ex Ground small package services to your doorway unless your package exceeds 150 lbs.

In that case, (over 150 lbs.) your shipment will be provided by Fed-Ex Freightways and will require you to offload from an enclosed semi truck at the foot of your driveway at roadside. Each piece weighs approximately 3 lbs.

If you also ordered paneling along with your casing and baseboard, your trim will ship together with your paneling by Fed-Ex Freightways delivery as well.

You will receive a tracking number to track your delivery on the day that your order ships out. 

Manufacturer Skylinewoods
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