How to Restore an Old Cabin with Pine Log Siding

Old Cabin Before Restoration

After Fixing Up an Old Cabin

If you, a family member, or a friend owns an old cabin that needs renovating, consider using Pine log siding. Replacing the exterior and interior walls with this material provides a real log cabin look and feel without the full log cost. What an amazing transformation you can make with pine log siding. Pine is the most popular siding material, followed by cedar wood.

If you, or someone you know, ever wanted a log cabin, now is your chance to have one.

Create a removal and installation plan by following these easy steps.

  • Decide who will do the work – you, friends, family, or a contractor.
  • Find a reliable supplier of high-quality log home wood products.
  • Determine the amount and size of log siding and trim and order the materials.
  • While you wait for the siding to arrive, begin removal of the old siding.
  • If you finish before the siding arrives, cover the exterior walls with tarps.
  • When the log siding arrives, install the trim first, then install the siding.
  • Work on the exterior on good weather days and the interior if it is raining.

When the siding project is complete, haul away the old materials before you apply any stain, sealant, or a clear finish coat. This prevents dust and debris from sticking to and settling on the finish. Another option is to replace the ceiling material with knotty pine or cedar paneling. It will add that complete log cabin coziness.

“Creating an order for the material for your renovation project is easier when you consult with our customer service team and your carpenter. “

Create Your Detailed Plan

Plan for Preserving Your Old Log Cabin

If you have access to building simulation software, you can visualize the finished product. A second option is to make a sketch of the exterior and interior based on the supplier’s website photos or other images you find online. Who will do the work? If you, your family, or friends have essential woodworking skills, you can tackle the project yourself. Installation details can be viewed on a video purchased online.

If you lack the basic knowledge, skills, or tools to do the job, locate a reliable carpenter with log cabin building experience. Obtain at least three bids before signing a contract for the work. You can start this process by going online for recommendations.

Locate a Reliable Wood Products Supplier

Our Log Home Mill in Michigan

The ideal place to order all of your wood products is the You can choose from high-quality materials for your cabin renovation. We stock all of the following:

We process all of our own log cabin wood products out of trees removed from federal sustainable forests. They are milled, kiln-dried correctly, and hand-inspected for quality. There are no defects in any of the material you order from us.

Create an Order for Material

Creating an order for the material needed for your renovation project is easier when you consult with our customer service team and your carpenter. Choose between quarter, half, or premier D siding in the widths and thickness you desire for your project. The essentials required include the siding, trim, corner system, and finishing materials. Screws, nails, and a nail gun can be secured from us or a local dealer. Decide if you want raw wood or pre-finished siding to meet your skill level and time schedule. Learn more about the advantages of using pine wood for your cabin.

It is critical to make accurate measurements for the exterior and interior walls. Calculate the square footage of siding needed and order a little extra. Include necessary trim to go around the doors and windows. If required, include doors, flooring, and paneling for the ceilings. Since the siding is tongue and groove with end-matching, you will experience little waste, fast and easy installation, and time savings.

Remove the Old Siding and Wall Covering

Hand-hewn Log Siding

Before installing the log siding, you must decide if you will leave the current exterior siding or remove it. Keep the existing siding only if it and the underlayment are in excellent condition and it’s not too thick to cause problems. If you remove the existing siding, start at the top and work your way down by carefully removing all nails and screws.

As you remove the exterior and interior materials, place all of the discarded nails and screws in a container. Remove the trim and molding first and then remove the siding and interior wall covering, such as drywall. You may elect to leave the drywall on the interior and cover it up. Be sure to discuss this phase with your carpenter and wood supplier to avoid making mistakes.

Install the Siding

Once the exterior and interior surfaces have been prepared, you are ready to install the siding. Place all the materials inside the cabin and let them acclimate for three or four days. Begin the exterior work by installing the door and window trim first. Cut it to size and secure each piece with screws and/or a nail gun. Next, start installing the log siding with the bottom row and work your way up. The tongue and groove construction will hide all nails and screws used. Follow these easy steps on installing siding in this video.

The same general approach is used for interior work. Apply the door and window trim first and then install the log siding. The boards come from the mill with sanded surfaces. Now it’s time to stain and apply a clear finish or just a clear finish to highlight the wood’s natural beauty. If you ordered pre-finished siding, just nail it up, and you’re done.

Now It’s Time to Dress Up the Interior

Rustic Area Rug

Most likely your old cabin has outdated interior décor that also needs upgrading. You can refresh it with some exciting, rustic products that will bring pleasure to its use for years:

  • Furniture
  • Floor Rugs
  • Wall Décor
  • Wood Plate Covers
  • Log Electric Boxes
  • Rustic Lighting

Log cabin furniture such as tables, chairs, stools, coat racks, coffee tables, beds, and chests bring out the authentic cabin atmosphere. Add throw and area rugs in strategic places to enhance any room. Continue decorating with outdoor wall décor that fits in with your local scenery, history, or wildlife.

Instead of using conventional plastic electric plate covers, try our unique wood plate covers and log electric boxes. Consider adding table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling fixtures that are eye-popping. Vanity lights, outdoor lighting, pendant lighting, and chandeliers are also available to dress up your cabin’s interior. The final environment is only limited by your imagination. Browsing our entire website will provide many other unique ideas for your cabin renovation.

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