High-Quality Great-Looking Paneling at Discounted Prices

The spring and summer months are great times to stock up on high-quality, great-looking paneling at terrific prices. Discounts are available that you can’t pass up on products like:

  • Ship Lap Paneling
  • Cottage Paneling
  • Value Line Paneling
  • Blue Paneling

Even though your building plans are not quite ready for the interior of your log cabin or home, take advantage of these materials while you can. They are made from the finest grade Pine in our mill in Comins, Michigan. You won’t find better quality anywhere else because each panel is hand-inspected to be free of defects.

Shiplap Paneling Is the Latest Craze in Interior Paneling Design

Ship Lap Construction

Shiplap paneling is popular in 3” widths and ¾” thicknesses for walls, around kitchen islands, ceilings, and anywhere else you need fine paneling. It typically comes in convenient 8-foot lengths made from sustainable Pinewood. Notice in this illustration the rabbets (or grooves) are 1/2” on each side of the panels for easy installation and tightly sealed joints.

This unique style of paneling has been used for hundreds of years on wooden ships around the world, barns, and sheds. It has now made it on the homeowners’ scene and is gaining popularity in business applications as well.

Pine Ship Lap Paneling

Much of its popularity is due to the frequent exposure on television shows, interior décor blogs, and in magazine articles. Shiplap creates a cozy and rustic charm that is difficult to achieve with other styles of paneling. It can be installed by homeowners and amateur woodworkers with basic woodworking skills.

Shiplap can be installed horizontally or vertically, where a vertical arrangement can make a smaller room look larger. Stain it the color you like or paint it white.

Turn a boring room into a charming room with our great-looking wood paneling.

Cottage Grade Paneling Is Another Viable Option

Cottage Grade Is a Great Choice

Another cozy and charming paneling product is Cottage Grade paneling made from quality Pinewood. It can cover walls or ceilings quickly and very inexpensively and looks great with either stain or a clear coat. Its price is lower than regular tongue and groove pine paneling because it lacks the end-matching shape.

Most panels are 8 feet and longer (96” -100”) with some 3’, 4’, and 5’ pieces mixed in to provide an assortment for your layouts. Your order may also contain Blue Stain or Coffee Stain in the wood that gives it a very unique and desirable rustic character. An occasional knot may be missing in a few boards. This material is beautiful, high-quality, and priced at a bargain you will find very attractive.

If you don’t mind end-butting the boards on wall studs, this is the paneling for your cabin or cottage. To install, start with the bottom row, cut pieces to length as needed, and secure with a nail gun. It’s that easy to achieve a rustic wall that is budget-friendly.

“Even though your building plans are not quite ready for the interior of your log cabin or home, take advantage of these materials while you can. You won’t find better quality anywhere else because each panel is hand-inspected to be free of defects.”

Value Line Paneling Is Available at Attractive Prices

Value Line Grade Paneling

Value Line paneling is a great value and is the same or better quality as regular tongue and groove boards. It has the end-matching system and some pieces are shorter in length. It is a 100% guaranteed usable product that saves you a lot of money. NOTE: This clearance paneling is only available in limited supplies and is not a standard “in-stock” product. You must contact us to see if we have any on hand.

Each piece is a premium product and you get:

  • Paneling without any natural imperfections.
  • The board assortment contains some very nice random lengths, some shorter some longer.
  • The majority is between 8’ and 3’ but some are as short as 1’ with most in the 8’ lengths.

Ordering Value Line paneling is a win-win situation. You win because you get a discounted price that is so low you are getting almost half of your order for free! We win with 6” and 8” panels because you are helping us move some of our shorter lengths generated in the milling process.

This inexpensive wood paneling is now available in pre-finished clear. Again, we want to remind you this is a seasonal product that is only available in limited supplies. So let us know a few months ahead of your needs, if possible.

Blue Paneling

Blue Paneling with Clear Finish
Is Uniquely Attractive

Blue paneling is another high-quality seasonal product that is growing in popularity.

The natural drying process creates slight discoloration of bluish-gray streaks in the wood but does not affect its quality. This very unique product sells out quickly, and once sold out, it is usually only available in mid to late summer. You get the best of the panels at a fantastic price, plus it is available in pre-finished condition when available.

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