Build Your Cabin Now While Log Siding Prices Are Low

Half Log Siding Gives the Full Log Look

Don’t sacrifice quality for lower prices when building your new cabin or home, or renovating a cabin with log siding. You can get the highest-quality materials at fair prices from America’s leading log cabin supplier.

Purchase all you need online, and have Pine or Cedar siding shipped to your door or building site.

Half log siding simulates full logs without the full log price and drawbacks. Use it for both the exterior and interior of your structure.

Don’t forget it also comes in pre-finished to save time, effort, and purchasing finishing materials.

Now is the time to save big bucks while our inventory is full and the building season is slower. These conditions allow us to pass the savings on to you while the low prices last.

You get the best deals on both Pine half log siding and Cedar half log siding direct from our award-winning mill to you. Find out more below about how to choose between Pine and Cedar siding.

Pine Half Log

This Entryway Is Amazing

Pine half log siding has the features most people want in a log cabin’s exterior that includes:

  • The rustic and realistic full log look for less money and less work

  • Convenient sizes: 3”x6”, 3”x8”, and 3”x10”

  • Smooth and hand-hewn (peeled) surfaces

  • Finish is easy to apply for a professional appearance

  • Can be applied to conventional wall framing

  • Prices anyone can afford

The highest quality half log Pine is properly kiln dried and hand-inspected for defects. You get consistently sized pieces that fit together perfectly with our tongue and groove with end-matching siding.

Our prices for quarter log are also competitive, depending on the width and thickness of the pieces.

Corner systems, trim, and molding are available to complement the walls.

Cedar Half Log

Cedar Siding Makes This Cabin Stand Out

Cedar half log siding also has the same essential sought-after features as Pine. Its advantage is being more insect and moisture resistant than most other woods.

  • Less expensive than full logs, yet gives the full log appearance.

  • Convenient sizes: 3”x6”, 3”x7”, and 3”x8”.

  • Your choice of smooth or hand-hewn (peeled) surfaces.

  • Can be applied to conventional wall framing.

  • Finish is easy to apply for a professional appearance.

  • Check out our great prices on quarter log and half log

All Cedar and Pine siding has our tongue and groove with-end matching features that make it easier and faster to install than other joining methods. Enjoy up to 20% in labor savings and up to 20% in material waste.

Matching corner systems, trim, and molding are available to complement the walls. Quarter log siding is also available at competitive prices.

“Don’t sacrifice quality for lower prices when building your new cabin or home, or renovating a cabin with log siding. You can get the highest-quality materials at fair prices from America’s leading log cabin supplier.”

Use Log Siding for the Interior of Your Cabin

Den with Great-looking Siding

Of all the materials you could install on the interior walls, log siding is the most natural choice. By using it, you get the full log look inside and outside your cabin that brings a rustic and relaxing atmosphere 24/7.

Add country living décor such as some log furniture, outdoor artwork, a fireplace with mantle, and you will have an ideal cabin.

There are many color choices of stain to adorn the walls that will fit your individual tastes. Log siding is installed essentially the same way on the interior as it is on the exterior with the correct length screws and tools.

It’s lightweight to handle and stores easily on the inside of a cabin while you’re laying in the insulation between the studs. Hint: If you live in a colder climate, consider building the walls with 2x6s instead of 2x4s because they hold more insulation with a higher R-value.

Don’t Forget Pre-finished Siding

If you have never thought about using pre-finished siding, you should give it some thought:

  • It arrives ready to install on the exterior and interior walls.

  • The finish is of superior quality to what most homeowners can do.

  • Since it is pre-dried, you eliminate the drying odors and drying time.

  • There’s no need to hire a painter or do it yourself.

  • Finishing materials and cleaning up the mess are deleted.

  • You can order matching trims and corner systems.

  • Combined with the time savings of tongue and groove features, you save an enormous amount of time and effort.

  • Our finishes are low VOC (volatile organic compounds) so you won’t have to worry about toxins.

Have You Thought About Knotty Pine Flooring as a Finishing Touch?

Before Finish Is Applied After Finish is Applied

Knotty Pine flooring is perfect for great-rooms, bedrooms, offices, at home, the cottage, the hunting lodge, or your name it! Our pine flooring is tongue-n-groove and end-matched (tongue-n-groove on the ends!) for zero-waste.

It’s available in 1/4 unit sizes (each package covers 220 sq. ft.). Just choose your desired quantity (ex: Need to cover 440 sq. ft.? Enter a quantity of 2 and so on).

That's a bargain at our square foot pricing?

If you have the essential skills and tools, you can save even more by learning to lay the flooring yourself.

Prep the subfloor and underlayment, install the flooring, sand if needed, and apply the stain and/or finish.

TIP: To help maintain your floors at their best, use pads under all the furniture in the cabin.

Also, add rugs inside and outside each entry door to clean shoes and boots before entering.

We Have It All Online for Your Convenience

The has the highest quality Pine and Cedar log siding available for any residential or commercial use.

For your convenience, use our Estimate Calculator to determine your log siding cost. Our online store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

If you need further assistance during business hours please call (800) 818-9971 Mon-Fri from 7:30 am - 4:30pm EST and Saturdays from 8:00am until Noon. 

We look forward to talking with you and helping you get that dream cabin built!

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