Why It’s Better To Build Than Buy A Log Home

Living in a log home is a dream for thousands of Americans each year. Those who build one and have lived in it for several years will attest to its splendid atmosphere. The relaxing and rustic décor takes them mentally back to a simpler time. Most will also tell you they are glad they built a log home instead of buying one.

You may save money in the short term by buying a log home while spending more in the long term for maintenance. There’s an old saying that goes “You are buying someone else’s problems when you buy their home.” You can eliminate this issue by constructing a log home to your specifications and likes. A super way to save money and keep maintenance costs down is building with log siding.


Why We Like Log Homes

There is more than one reason to love living in a log home. There are some things log homeowners have in common no matter where they live or what they do for a living.


  • They love the rustic and cozy feeling while having modern amenities
  • Log homes provide more healthful living since they are made with natural materials
  • Owners like the energy efficiency that well-insulated log homes provide
  • These homes provide more of a connection to nature
  • Log homes have a lower environmental impact, especially with sustainable pine logs
  • This type of home provides more noise reduction


Log homes also tend to provide a higher resale value when properly maintained. They are solidly built and stand up to the environment.


Buying: You Don’t Always Know What You’re Getting

Buying a log home generally allows you to move in sooner than building one. Buyers and sellers typically negotiate who pays for any existing home problems before the sale is made. But there are some potential issues to consider when it comes to buying versus building a home, including:

  • Many people discover issues once they move in that were not caught by the home inspector and/or appraiser
  • If the former owner had pets for a long time, the carpets and rugs will need changing if you have allergies or other respiratory issues. Fleas or termites may also be present
  • A lack of general maintenance inside and outside the house may exist
  • Foundation issues, water damage, mold, or mildew may be present
  • Hidden wiring, electrical, roofing, or radon issues can be overlooked.
  • Hidden plumbing and HVAC problems are very undesirable.

“Living in a log home is a dream for thousands of Americans each year.”

Possible Expensive Repairs And Upgrades

Now that you are more aware of potential issues with buying an existing log home, how much will correcting them cost? Of course, this can vary a lot, and here are some common costs.  

Repairs Average Cost
Electrical Issues Up to $2,500
Foundation Issues $10,000 Plus
HVAC Problems $575 to $12,000
Mold Removal $2,350
Plumbing Issues $600 To $1,600
Roofing Issues Up to $15,000 for replacement
Septic System Up to $6,000
Water Damage $2,600
Water Heater Up to $2,500
Termite Damage $600 to $3,000

The questions are whether any of these issues exist in a log home you want to buy and who will pay for the repairs. Even though there appears to be only some minor repairs to make, the age and quality of the home construction can generate problems during the first years of occupancy.

Getting Higher Quality Materials When You Build A Log Home

Although a log home may pass inspection, you may not know if some of the materials and construction methods meet, exceed, or fall below standard construction requirements. Here’s how you benefit by building instead of buying.     


  • Building your home allows selecting the quality standards you want
  • You will have confidence in knowing the workmanship that goes into it
  • You will know the plumbing, wiring, HVAC system and roofing are superior
  • The foundation can be made stronger and there won’t be any mold damage
  • Rail, sleet, and melting snow can be professionally drained away from the home
  • You can install higher quality appliances, faucets, sinks tubs, showers, and cabinetry


Build A Log Home To Your Personal Standards

The best thing about building a log home versus buying one is you get to create it your way! You get to choose the lot, town, suburb, country, or other area. You get to design the plans in terms of style, size of home and lot, floor plan, and amenities. You also can control the costs.

Another concept to keep in mind is that building a home with pine log siding is much less expensive than purchasing a full log or timber frame home. Your siding supplier will have matching corner systems, log trim, fasteners, and stain/sealant to do a high-quality job.


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