Pine Log Siding Choices For Your Home

There are numerous ways to build a log home or cabin on your lot. The materials can be log siding, full logs, timber frame, or a unique method. The most cost-effective approach is using pine log siding to get the full log look without the full log price.

Constructing a home with pine log siding requires only conventional wall framing. The siding is attached to the OSB board on the exterior walls and directly to the wall framing on the interior walls. Installing this siding product requires only basic woodworking skills and knowledge. Let’s take a look at four different profiles or shapes of log siding to get the job done. All of them look terrific when stained to the color of your choice.

Quarter Log Pine Log Siding Looks Great

Quarter log siding is the most economical profile that provides a log home look and feel. It is made from premium pine wood harvested from select pine trees. Its shape and surface create a log home you will be proud to own and live in. Its characteristics include:


  • Width – 6” and 8”
  • Thickness – 2” rough and 1 ½” finished
  • Length – 8’
  • Surface – Smooth

Quarter log has a ¼” tongue and groove that ensures a tight-fitting design on the sides and ends of each piece. Log trim in either 2x6 or 3x4 provides a finished look to the siding.

Half Log Pine Log Siding Is A Winner

Half log siding is the most popular profile that provides a fuller log home look. Like all of our pine log siding, half log is milled from select red pine logs to give you the best product possible. It is thicker than quarter log with these characteristics:


  • Width – 6” and 8”
  • Thickness – 3” rough and 2 ½” finished
  • Length – 8’
  • Surface – Smooth

Half log has a ½” thick tongue and groove on the sides and ends that provide a strong connection between each piece of siding. Add 3x6 or 4x4 log trim and log corners of your choice and you have a winner!

The most cost-effective approach is using pine log siding to get the full log look without the full log price.

Premier Log Siding Is Perfect

Premier log siding is the profile that best simulates full pine logs. Premier and all our log siding are sustainable products harvested from select trees. They are replanted regularly for future generations to use. Here are this profile’s characteristics:

  • Width – 8” and 10”
  • Thickness – 3” rough and 2 ½’ finished
  • Length – 8’
  • Surface – Hewn


This profile also comes with the ½” tongue and groove design makes installing an easier job. Trimming around windows and doors is easy with 4x4 or 4x6 log trim. All three profiles need log corners that are installed before the siding goes on.

Hand-Hewn Log Siding

If you want a log home that really stands out, build with hand-hewn log siding. This log profile takes you back in time with the look of logs hewn by hand with an axe or adze tool. It is created in our mill with a modern manufacturing technique that is a pleasure to behold.

Quarter, half, and premier log siding profiles are all available with the hand-hewn surface with the same dimensions mentioned above. Consider your building budget, plans, and preferences in selecting the profile that best meets your needs. All siding orders are shipped directly to your home or building site. The siding can be installed by conventional carpenters or homeowners with woodworking skills and knowledge.

Pre-Finished Log Siding Is A Hit

If you want to save time and effort finishing your pine log siding, there is an easy option to use. All log siding can be ordered in a pre-finished condition with all these benefits:


  • Finish is applied in a controlled atmosphere that produces a perfect surface
  • No waiting on the weather or hiring and scheduling a painter
  • No runs, sags, finish build-up, or imperfections
  • No mess to clean up and no smelly odors

This is a win-win option for you, especially if you are behind schedule or you plan to build in cold weather.

Quality Is Paramount In Our Log Siding

Like other homeowners, you want to be proud of your new log home or log home conversion, and you want it to be durable. You should look for high-quality in building materials, such as:


  • Wood that has been properly kiln-dried for moisture content and stain application
  • Each piece should be hand-inspected to ensure defect-free log siding
  • Siding that has been stacked and stored correctly in the warehouse
  • Wood products that are packed and shipped with care

Look for these qualities in all our pine log siding, corner systems, and log trim products.

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