Log Cabin Living Room Ideas

As log cabins become more popular, owners become more creative with their living rooms, or as some call them, great rooms. There are no right or wrong décor ideas for these rooms because you can design them any way you want. Do you want traditional, conventional home, or more modernistic plans for this area of a cabin?

We’ve come up with some exciting living room ideas for cabins you may like:

  • Combine wood and stone
  • Lots of windows or a large window wall
  • Unique furniture
  • Log or panelled walls with stone slate tile floor
  • Make it a color masterpiece

All the following ideas work well for a new cabin or remodeling job. Get some estimates from contractors and see if you can create some of these ideas.

Combine Wood and Stone in Cabin Living Rooms 

Would you like something that looks cool and inviting? Try combining more wood and stone in your cabin’s living room. Include log siding walls, exposed wooden trusses, and rustic stone.

A stone fireplace with or without a wood-burning insert is a winner. You can extend the stonework above the fireplace as high as you like. Make a partial matching stone wall, such as under steps or another small wall area. Vary the texture for a special effect. Common colors include gray, brown, black, and tan.

Exposed wooden log trusses add another rustic element that blends well with the stonework. Stain them to complement the walls, ceilings, and flooring. They look great by themselves or with hanging lights or decorations. Here are some cabin ideas you will like.

Lots of Windows or Large Window Wall 

If you want a lighter living room, there is a simple solution. Add a lot of windows or create a large window wall. Modern windows come in many sizes, shapes, and construction. You should install the most energy-efficient ones when using a lot of them.

A second choice is an entire wall of windows that is supported well between the windows. This provides a maximum amount of light and outdoor views year-round. A lot more warmth enters the room on sunny winter days. Curtains can be installed if the room warms up too much in the summer months.


As log cabins become more popular, owners become more creative with their living rooms, or as some call them, great rooms. There are no right or wrong décor ideas for these rooms because you can design them any way you want.


Furniture for Cabin Living Rooms

Furniture is available in various styles, shapes, colors, coverings, and price ranges to put the finishing touches on a cabin. Some favorite furniture ideas you can explore include:

  • Large wooden dining tables
  • Handcrafted natural furniture
  • Comfortable, oversized chairs and sofas
  • Rustic, large sectional couches
  • Some leather-covered chairs or couches
  • Rocking chairs and wood stools

All these furniture items provide a sense of cosiness and nature. Warm tones offer comfort and a relaxing atmosphere that help blend indoors with the outdoors. You may also want to think about antique and vintage furniture and accessories to further the rustic look. Other ideas include upcycled and repurposed materials and items.

Log Walls with Stone Slate Tile Floor

Most log cabins have wood floors, especially knotty pine. One rustic alternative is stone slate tile in a darker color that exudes a vintage, older look. If you like classic style décor, this idea may be for you. Add this flooring material to pine or cedar log siding and you have a subtle match in the living room.

Although you may choose a darker tile floor, you can brighten it with more windows. You may want a large rug on part of the slate tile to let everyone know this is a place to relax. Slate flooring has several desirable pros, including:

  • Strong, durable material
  • Increases the value of cabins
  • It can last for decades
  • Beautiful and repairable
  • Useful for radiant heating

Slate flooring is available in many colors, sizes, and shapes to meet your fancy.

Create Your Own Styles with Color

Colors can make such a difference in a log cabin living room. Lighter ceilings and walls make a smaller cabin look larger. Larger living rooms can be enhanced with your favourite stains on pine floors. The good news is there is an endless variety of shades you can use.

Whitewash stain on ceilings and walls is a trend that brings back memories of the turn-of-the twentieth century. Knotty pine paneling and log siding in their various hues are also a favorite. Think about creating your color palette from nature for an informal appearance.

Log cabin living rooms are meant to be enjoyed and cherished. Make yours special and you should never tire of it. Family and friends will look forward to visiting you and you will be happy to show it to them.

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