How To Buy Knotty Pine Paneling

Knotty pine paneling is a perennial favorite for walls in many styles of homes, especially log homes, cabins, and cottages. Because of its characteristics, availability, and affordability, there’s no wonder it’s a hit!

There are many uses for knotty pine paneling besides building full walls, including:

Ceilings Bookcases
Wainscoting Kitchen Islands
Accent Walls Beverage Bars
Shelving Decorations

Taking a closer look at all these ideas and how to buy knotty pine paneling will be time well spent.

Desirable Characteristics Of Knotty Pine Paneling

The first thing many people think about is paying the lowest cost at a lumber yard, DIY store, or big box retailer. But do you want low-quality paneling on your walls that may stand out like a sore thumb? Buying high-quality and affordable pine paneling online with outstanding natural characteristics provides the best results.

Buy pine paneling with gorgeous dark knots and outstanding grain patterns with a variety of hues of color in each board. Also, look for these qualities in your purchases:


  • Quality that includes straight and flat paneling
  • Properly kiln-dried wood for stability and staining
  • Each board is individually hand-inspected
  • An assortment of sizes from which to choose
  • Options of unfinished or pre-finished paneling


All these desirable characteristics will add more charm and warmth to any room where you install your knotty pine paneling.

Tongue &Groove /End-Matched Paneling Is The Best

For the best results, purchase knotty pine paneling with the tongue and groove/end-matching design. Its application is superior to tongue and groove boards without end-matching and non-tongue and groove paneling. Here are its advantages.


  • Faster and easier installation
  • Less measuring and sawing
  • There is virtually no waste
  • All joints fit snugly together
  • You can butt-joint between wall framing
  • Easy to install with a nail gun
  • Nail or screw heads do not show
  • Pine paneling is a sustainable product


This type of knotty pine paneling can be sanded and restained to a different color should you decide to remodel a room.

“Knotty pine paneling is a perennial favorite for walls in many styles of homes, especially log homes,cabins, and cottages.”

Knotty Pine Versus Hardwood Paneling

Hardwood paneling can be just as rustic and beautiful as knotty pine, but at what cost? You can buy knotty pine paneling for one-third to one-half the cost of hardwoods such as white oak, red oak, hickory, maple, beech, or exotic woods. Think about these cons of using hardwood:


  • Most hardwoods are not sustainable products
  • The wood is more difficult to saw, sand, and drill
  • More difficult to refinish and restain
  • Hardwood dulls tools faster than knotty pine
  • Hardwoods are heavier to handle than knotty pine


The list illustrates why knotty pine is more desirable than hardwoods for paneling and flooring. Pine’s affordable prices are attractive and allow you to panel more walls within your budget than using hardwoods. Use the savings for other projects in your home.

Uses For Knotty Pine Paneling

You can buy pine paneling for many different projects and not just for walls. Because of its stability and strength, you can use it for creating these projects and more:

Wainscoting Walls Beverage Bars Art Projects
Accent Walls Backsplashes Craft Items
Ceilings Shelving Workbench Tops
Kitchen Islands Bookcases Cabinets and Doors
Closet Linings Pantry Linings  

Knotty pine paneling is useful for all these projects because it is a versatile wood product. It is available in unfinished and pre-finished conditions for your convenience. Many stain colors are available to match your project ideas and home décor.

Knotty pine paneling is also available in the form of faux barn wood with weathered surfaces. Give some of your projects a vintage look with this amazing product.

Where To Buy Knotty Pine Paneling

We are all busy people and time these days is precious. Save yourself a lot of time and effort looking for high-quality knotty pine paneling by purchasing it online. Shopping for T&G paneling at lumber yards, DIY centers, and big box stores can be disappointing. Most of us look through many boards just to find several that are acceptable.

The Log Home Shoppe is America’s premier online supplier of knotty pine paneling and other pine products for your home, cabin, cottage, or office, including:

Log Siding Log Corners Log Trim
Flooring Interior Trims Interior Doors
Stairways Railings Beam Covers
Trusses Peeled Posts Cabinetry

Consider using knotty pine paneling for your walls, ceilings, and other projects for its beauty, stability, characteristics, and affordable prices.

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